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Susan Bradfield

Agent for Young Performers between 18-months and 18-years-old

SUSAN BRADFIELD has worked across many facets of the entertainment industry from a very young age, from working as a professional make-up artist to operating as a casting mum – a role that allowed her to combine her passion for the arts as well as her family.

After finding herself immersed in the world of child acting for more than a decade, Susan became highly skilled in dealing agencies, filmmakers, schools and local authorities, and also acquired a great deal of knowledge about child licensing, chaperoning, and managing the expectations of the parents of young performers.

It was whilst managing all 3 of her children and dealing with their agent as well as various production companies that she found decided to become a fully licensed chaperone, allowing her to accompany and chaperone her children on set.

Susan soon became a full-time chaperone and attended countless castings and shoots, including feature films, music videos and a BBC production.

In 2017, Susan realised that the knowledge she’s accumulated about children working in the industry made her uniquely placed to advise and represent children – and their legal guardians – as an agent, and her passion for offering help and support to ensure best practises and safety are never compromised makes her an essential member of the Pen Works Media team.

She is hugely motivated to ensure children and their parents go into the industry with their eyes wide open, keeping them well-informed to ensure their levels of expectation and professionalism align with that of potential clients. She writes a lifestyle blog to provide insights into the industry, which we recommend you read if you’re thinking about contacting her.

Susan is currently considering taking on new clients, so if you’re interested in arranging a meeting, please send us an e-mail in the first instance to