PWM Announce First Playbook

An Evening with Sir Thomas More by Wendy Reynolds


We are pleased to step into a new area of literature with the forthcoming release of Wendy Reynolds‘ playbook, An Evening with Sir Thomas More.

The book is the first of a potential series that brings the world’s most famous historical characters into the setting of a modern talk show, teaching us about their lives as they are questioned by a rather probing host.

“Wendy’s play is as inventive as it is educational,” said company director, Jody Medland, “and to be able to teach people about the life of one of Britain’s – if not the world’s – most important figures is something we wanted to be a part of.”

The release date is still to be confirmed, but we’ll announce it on here as soon as it’s set.


  1. I would like to congratulate you on publishing such a wonderful play, I ordered my copy from Amazon , and have read and re read this play and cannot praise it high enough.

    Having been an actor and performed in many plays , original and established , I was drawn to this having had a long history and love of this particular period.

    The characters came alive on reading this play and the author had obviously done their homework as it was historically accurate and yet had a sense if both the modern meeting the past. The more you read it the more the characters can be imagined in your mind and come alive with the perfect choice of language which is used throughout.

    This is an ideal play for schools and should be performed both by professional actors and amateurs and requires the exposure that it deserves.

    If you imagine the presenter as Graham Norton, Michael Parkinson , Russell Harty, or any of today’s presenters you get a different view of how the questions are asked.
    The historical characters are brought to life with a passion and you can picture each one evolving and developing as the play draws to its end.

    This is a five star play and creates such wonderful images when reading it.

    I do hope that this review can appear on your website and be forwarded to the author , and I do hope that this is only the beginning in a long series of An Evening with …..

    I look forward to reading many more plays from this author

    Please let me know that you have received this and please pass on my congratulations to the author.

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