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Jody Medland

Writer: Jody Medland
Genre: Horror / Mystery / Thriller
Publisher: Pen Works Media
UK Release date:
15th July 2015

The launch of Pen Works Media’s first novel is a significant step. Not only because the indie publishing company are exploring innovative ways to educate new writers but because they aim to bring awareness to real life issues and help support existing charities in the process.

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The Moors, written by company director Jody Medland, is a story that follows an undercover journalist who goes into a children’s care home to investigate rumours of abuse by the carers. Although the story takes the reader through several fictional twists, its theme is very real.

Pen Works Media will donate 5% of all their opening week’s book sales to Barndardo’s and pledging charitable donations is a habit that the company are keen to adopt with all future projects.

The Moors - Book Cover

“We’re really excited that Pen Works Media have chosen us for this donation and we hope that people back what is a wonderful project.” – Lucy Clements, Fundraising Manager Barnardo’s            

Jody continues: “Working in the entertainment industry, I feel we are in a privileged position where we can promote messages to the public. PWM’s mission statement is to create original work that changes the world, and if we can produce great stories that also contribute to the well-being of others, I’d say we’re pretty close to achieving it.”

The Moors will be available to pre-order from 1st June 2015 on Amazon and through most good book stores, with 5% of all pre-orders also going to Barnardo’s.

For your convenience, this press release is also available as a PDF.

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