• Interview with Jody Medland – The Moors

    February 18, 2016 Interviews

    PWM: What made you write The Moors?

    JODY: It’s a tough question to answer because it’s one of the very first things I wrote, and why does anyone work on that first project? I was studying at the time. I adored films, but the film studies course I was on was incredibly limited and with too much theory for my liking – so I wrote The Moors as a screenplay.

    The book started as a screenplay?

    Yes, it …


  • Book Launch Party Confirmed!

    June 6, 2015 Latest News

    It is with great excitement that we are finally able to release details of our launch party, where we will be celebrating the release of our first paperback novel, The Moors!

    The launch will take place at Barnstaple Library, Tuly Street, EX31 1EL and the outline of the event is as follows:

    6:30pm: Meet and greet
    6:45pm: Jody Medland to read the prologue of The Moors
    7:00pm: Q&A about the book’s creation
    7:20pm: Book signing

    Everybody who buys a copy of the …


  • Original music for The Moors

    May 16, 2015 Latest News

    It was such a pleasant surprise when talented composer Elliott Daniels​ wrote a piece of music for our book, The Moors​.

    We especially love the segment between 2:09 – 4:24. Listen to the track on our new SoundCloud page, and if any other composers feel inspired enough to send us their tunes based on Pen Works Media productions, please feel free!

    All music files should be sent to info@penworksmedia.co.uk.

    In the meantime, enjoy!

    Note: Elliot’s other work can be …


  • No Man’s Land

    May 11, 2015 Interviews

    Note: The interview contains a handful of spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it already, give No Man’s Land a watch before reading any further.

    How did the idea for No Man’s Land come about?
    Patricia Doyle, who is a very well established theatre director, had the beginnings of an idea for a silent film set in Germany. As I had assisted her on her first short film in 2011, she approached me and asked if I …