Man Down

Documentary seeking a development partner

Man Down

Project Format
1 x 120-minute documentary

Documentary / Special Interest

He served the country. Time to serve him.

Short Description
In 2016, documentary filmmaker Rachel Kaden made This is Me, a short film about former Royal Green Jacket Kevin Williams, the youngest rifleman to serve in Iraq. In March 2018, he took his own life as a result of his battle with Post Traumatic Stress.

Man Down is an intimate look at the of mind of a fallen soldier, supported by stories from the comrades he served with. It offers deep insight into being on the front line and highlights the complexities our brave heroes face when attempting to merge back into civilian life.

PRIMARY – Mature Adults, male and female (30-45)
SECONDARY – Young Adults, male and female (18-29)

Comparative Shows
Man on Wire, Jim: The James Foley Story, Restrepo

This work is the intellectual property of director, Rachel Kaden.

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