Shadow Empire

TV series seeking a development partner

Shadow Empire

Project Format
Television Series

Drama / Mystery / Political Thriller

To run a country, you can’t be afraid to bend the rules

Short Description
The Shadow Empire is the group of Elites who secretly run the world, and when American spin-doctor Baz Stafford is ousted by his boss as a traitor, he is forced to slum it in cold, wet Britain on an important but undesirable assignment. Under the murderous eyes of those he betrayed, he must oversee the election of a controllable Prime Minister to ensure the UK’s ongoing political support. With what the US government has planned in the coming years, they’re going to need it. Cocksure, brash, and with razor-sharp wit, Baz assembles a team of lost souls to help him in his task . . . but what his employers don’t know is that Baz has an agenda of his own.

PRIMARY – Young Adults, male and female (21-29)
SECONDARY – Mature Adults, male and female (30-45)

Comparative Shows
House of Cards, The Wire, Six Feet Under

This work is the intellectual property of screenwriter, Jody Medland.

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