The Spiral of Containment

Documentary seeking a development partner

The Spiral of Containment: Rape’s Aftermath

Project Format
A one-off 60 / 90-minute television program

Documentary / Special Interest

We’re all part of the same spectrum

Short Description
After cinematographer and photojournalist suffered sexual abuse at the hands of a family member, she responded by travelling the world and documenting other people’s stories of rape and how it affected their lives. When her photobook was published in 2018, Elisa revisited the other 24 survivors featured in the book to explore how they each used art to deal with rape, offering a fascinating insight into how therapeutic such methods can be, and asking the question: why do we do this to ourselves in the first place?

PRIMARY – Young Adults, male and female (18-29)
SECONDARY – Mature Adults, male and female (30-45)

Comparative Shows

This work is the intellectual property of videographer, Elisa L. Iannacone.

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