An Evening with Sir Thomas More – Paperback


Title: An Evening with Sir Thomas More
Genre: Play / Drama / Historical Biography
Written by: Wendy Reynolds & Michael Reynolds
Released on: 22nd September 2016


This semi-biographical playbook was written by theatre thespian Wendy Reynolds and celebrates the life of one of the greatest figures in history, Sir Thomas More, giving an intimate peek into what life might have been like in the build-up to his tragic execution.


Caught between the expedient court of Henry VIII and his own conscience, Sir Thomas More, “the man for all seasons”, walks the line between earthly powers and heavenly sainthood.


He was a man who popularised the concept of Utopia on earth, yet lived in the Tudor hell of Henry VIII’s court, where his disagreement with the philandering King led to an execution that brought him immortal glory.


This is an intriguing story that brings one of the oldest debates into the surroundings of a modern television studio where, through a series of interviews, we learn the truth about one of England’s greatest historical figures.


Paperback: 978-1-908730-22-0
E-book: 978-1-908730-23-7