The Champion’s Squire – Paperback


Title: The Champion’s Squire
Fantasy / Action / Young Adult
Written by: Elana A. Mugdan
Released on: 10th December 2016


A hilarious fantasy tale of a brave guardsman who vows to save the princess and her people from a drachvold who has trapped them in their castle. The novella was written by Elana A. Mugdan and is set in the fantasy world of Allentria, where Dragon Speaker is set.



All great adventure stories begin with a dilemma, and in the magical world of Allentria, dilemmas don’t come much bigger than a vicious drachvold deciding your castle is its new nesting grounds.


With the residents of Indrath Whitestone trapped, their chances of survival lie in the hands of humble kitchen boy Rael, who escapes the drachvold’s watch to seek help from the soldiers of the Imperial Guard.


Enter Gavin Swiftwind – the only guardsman brave (or dumb) enough to seize the chance of glory. Spurred on by the promise of a beautiful Lady’s hand in marriage should he save her people, and armed with good looks, arrogance and a grand sense of entitlement, Gavin follows Rael on a journey that will never be forgotten.


Paperback: 978-1-908730-98-5
E-book: 978-1-908730-99-2

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