Submissions Guidelines for Young Actors

Please read the guidelines before contacting our agents

As a talent agency that represents young actors and performers, we adhere to a code of conduct that champions transparency and professionalism. In return, we expect all artists we represent, and their legal guardians, to do the same.

To ensure we have enough dedicated time for each of our clients, we are very mindful of the number of individuals we represent. Also, we try not to represent professionals who possess similar traits to avoid putting similar actors up for similar roles, so please do take a look at the artists we represent in your child’s field before applying.

As our spare time is limited, as we’re sure is the case for you, we’ve created a small list of guidelines that you should take a look at before contacting us. If there are no points of contention, then we encourage you to send an e-mail in the first instance to the agent you’d like to consider representing your child.

The guidelines are as follows:

  1. Before submitting your child, please ensure that your child really wants to perform, and that they understand what will be required of them. We only represent those who are passionate about the arts, as should always be the case.
  2. Please work hard to ensure your child has realistic expectations. Acting is extrememly competitive, and in order to develop the right attitude, fame and fortune should never be the main priorities for a young actor.
  3. Please ensure that – regardless of your experiences in casting rooms and on set – you remain as professional as possible when discussing other parents, child actors and crew members. It’s a surprisingly small industry and any negaitive feedback can be detrimental to your career, as well as others.
  4. It is vital that your child’s school understand and support your decision to pursue acting. When auditioning and working, your school will have to sign a permission slip in order to attain a license, so we simply cannot pursue work without it.
  5. Rightly or wrongly, the majority of castings are in central London, so you need to ensure your child can travel to the city, often with as little as 24-hours notice. If you or a trusted relative are unable to travel with the child to attend castings, it’s unlikely we will be able to offer representation.
  6. To maximise the potential of getting your child cast, we expect them to have professional headshots, a showreel, and a membership to either Spotlight or Mandy (or preferrably both). This should all be set up at your own expense.

Thank you for reading the guidelines. If you feel you’re able to realistically agree to the above points, please feel free to contact us.