Cliff Brown

Actor represented by Pen Works Media

CLIFF BROWN is a striking actor whose natural features lend themselves to fatherly roles.

He has mastered the art of playing both loving and emotionally torn characters, and he can even morph into more sinister roles that have vengeance on the brain.

Cliff’s huge screen presence combines with a positive work ethic to make him a real asset on set, and his willingness to keep learning makes him a joy to work with.

He’s dependable, cheeky, but above all a great professional who cares about his craft.

Aside from acting, Cliff has worked extensively as a hand model for a number of global brands, and he also works as a DJ on a freelance basis.

Cliff is based in London, but is always prepared to travel for the right roles.

For all enquiries about Cliff, please contact his agent Jody Medland in the first instance.

Jody Medland | Talent Agent
Number: 0773 136 1264

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