Simon Burbage

Videographer represented by Pen Works Media

SIMON BURBAGE is a wonderful videographer whose visionary skills allow him to capture stills and images in the most imaginative way.

Having worked on projects of varying budgets, Simon has learned how to capture stunning footage when working at speed, as well as apply attention to detail when the pressure is on. With an ability to stay calm and a work ethic that involves detailed planning, Simon provides real flair when choosing his shots.

Simon is deeply passionate about film and television work, and he’s also happy to cover functions and events as a photographer and/or videographer. Being that he also edits, Simon is always envisaging how scenes will link together in the cutting room, making him a valuable asset for any production or event.

Simon is based in London but is also well travelled, so location is no barrier for him when working on the right project.

For all enquiries about Simon, please contact his agent Jody Medland in the first instance.

Jody Medland | Talent Agent
Number: 0773 136 1264

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