London based publisher Pen Works Media

Who we are

We’re a hybrid company who operates as both an independent publisher and a talent agency. All great work begins with the pen and then spirals into various forms of media, and we’re proud to have dedicated agents who represent actors, directors, videographers and writers who aim to create work of enduring quality and global appeal.

Mission statement

To seek, educate and nurture artists who create work that will challenge and alter people’s perceptions of the world.

How we do this

We’re always finding projects that strengthen our position in the creative sectors. We adore traditional arts such as paperback publishing, but also embrace entrepreneurial methods of bringing art to a modern audience.

Our aim

We enjoy meeting fellow creatives, both in and out of London. We’re looking to collaborate with producers, production companies, directors, casting directors and distributors both in the UK and further afield. So whoever you are, we hope our paths cross soon.

Check out our latest project – a twisted art exhibition, titled A Darker Christmas.