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The greatest stories are yet to be told

Pen Works Media fights to ensure equal opportunities are given to all creatives, regardless of their background. We work tirelessly to find and nurture talent with the desire to create original work that will challenge and alter people’s perceptions of the world. We reward hard work and push for change where it’s needed.

In order to achieve this, we rely on sponsorships from our creative peers – but these aren’t merely handouts. What we do is allow investors the chance to attach themselves to exciting creative projects and get a number of perks in the process. Every sponsorship deal we strike means an awful lot to us, so we ensure all investors understand what is being achieved with their money, making them feel good about their involvement in our projects.

We’re currently seeking investors for our fabulous “scratch nights,” which we run in partnership with Actor Awareness, so feel free to contact us about how you can help, or simply download the PDF below for further information.

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