Challenge yourself to live the dream

First of all, good on you.

There is a saying that everybody has a book in them, but actually sitting down and working on it is a beautiful thing that we’re glad you are doing.

At Pen Works Media, we are always keen to consider new material. We accept both solicited and unsolicited material but in return for our leniency, we do ask that you carefully read the following.

We accept fictional work in the following genres:


Other genres may occasionally be considered, but please do check with us before sending your material.

Should you wish to submit your work, we require:

A one page cover letter
A one page synopsis
The opening three chapters of your novel

The manuscript of your chapters must be written in a size 12 font and it needs to be double spaced to allow for easy editing.

If your work fits all the above criteria, please either e-mail it to:

Alternatively, send a hard copy to:

Pen Works Media
54a The Broadway
Crouch End
N8 9TP

If you would like to get the material back, please include a postage-paid self-addressed envelope.

Good luck!

Y o u  m i g h t  a l s o  b e  w o n d e r i n g …

Why only a one page cover letter?

Because in all honesty, we are busy. Tell us a bit about you and why you think we are a suitable publisher for your work. Your chance to talk about the project will come in the synopsis.

Why only a one page synopsis?

Because that is all that’s needed to sum up any project. If you can’t sum up the book in an entire page then it is very likely to be overly complicated and will therefore be difficult to sell in the marketplace. Please ensure your synopsis states the genre of your book as well as the word count.

Why the opening three chapters?

Because it shows us how you have set the story up and gives us a more accurate idea about the page of the book as opposed to your three favourite chapters, which might be well written but will not necessarily highlight other important aspects of your book.

What happens if I don’t follow these instructions for my submission?

We want to read your work, but if you cannot take the time to do as we’ve asked then if we are busy, we have to prioritise the submissions that have been sent correctly and so your work may not get read at all.

How long will it take to get a response?

We will send you an e-mail upon receipt of your submission. Please allow up to 8-weeks from that point to hear a response on your material.