The greatest stories are yet to be told.

London based publisher Pen Works Media

Who we are

We’re a hybrid company who operates as both an independent publisher and a talent agency. All great work begins with the pen and then spirals into various forms of media, and we’re proud to represent actors, musicians and writers who aim to create work of enduring quality and with global appeal.

Mission statement

To seek, educate and nurture artists who create work that will challenge and alter people’s perceptions of the world.

How we do this

We’re always finding projects that strengthen our position in the creative sectors. We adore traditional arts such as paperback publishing, but also embrace entrepreneurial methods of bringing art to a modern audience.

Our aim

We enjoy meeting fellow creatives, both in and out of London. We’re looking to collaborate with producers, production companies, directors and distributors both in the UK, as well as expand into new and exciting territories.. So whoever you are, we hope our paths cross soon.

What’s new?

To be honest, things are about to get crazy!


Not only can you get a FREE digital copy of Elana A. Mugdan’s brilliant novella The Champion’s Squire by simply joining our mailing list but you can also get a free digital copy of her second novella The Guardians! Considering their quality, these are two must-have books, so take advantage of the links before it’s too late. Be sure to read them in order, though . . .


We’re on the verge of launching our first ever music video into cyber space for our newly signed artist Rozen Child. Exciting or what? More on this by the end of the week!

Professional Team

The glue that holds the pages together

Jody Medland

Company Director

Agent to future stars by day, Screenwriter and Author by night

Michael Pengelly

Digital Content Manager

Digital mastermind, graphics specialist and family man

Prima Patel

Proofreader & Photographer

Professional photographer, compulsive reader and queen of looking good