Creative Writing Seminars

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JODY MEDLAND is a confident and engaging public speaker. What’s more, he’s a writer who is active in the publishing and filmmaking industries.

After 20-years of studying what makes a great story, he has created a number of 2-hour seminars that teach valuable core principles to new writers. These include:

  • How to write a novel
    Understand the roles of publishers and agents
    Map out your story in the most exciting way
    Learn tips and tricks to help structure your novel
    Create a book that will appeal to readers and be “industry ready”
    Use your existing strengths to stand out from the crowd
  • How to write a screenplay
    Differentiate the difference between production companies and producers
    Structure your story in the savviest way
    Learn tips and tricks to help finish your story
    Create a script that will appeal to creatives and be “industry ready”
    Build your contacts within the profession
  • How to build characters
    Understand the importance of characters within a story
    Generate ideas for how to create likeable characters
    Learn how to achieve different reactions from your readers
    Create strong characters that will stand out
    Enhance your story by using character-led exercises and tips
  • How to market your novel
    Learn when to begin your marketing strategy
    Know the importance of connecting with readers
    Understand how to package your product
    Consider the pros and cons of crowdfunding
    Be aware of how your book can be sold
  • How to forge a career as a copywriter
    Be clear on how to get started
    Use your existing contacts to help build a portfolio
    Discover the best methods for approaching new clients
    Display your writing in a way that attracts more work
    Progress your career as a Junior, Mid-weight or Senior Copywriter

Whether you write as a hobby or have aspirations to write for a living, we recommend booking some time with Jody – who is happy to teach individual seminars, or run them back-to-back.

The seminars are ideal for:

  • One-on-one tutoring
  • Skype sessions
  • Lecture halls

In order to discuss Jody’s availability or tuition fees, please contact us on today.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what people say about Jody as an educator . . .

Reuben Williams

“Jody’s advice and support was invaluable in getting my work published.”
Reuben Williams, Actor & Author

Wendy Reynolds

“I highly recommend Jody to all aspiring writers. He validates what we
feel we are doing and gives great advice on problem solving,
writer’s block and many other issues with regard to building craft.”
Wendy Reynolds, Playwright & Theatre Director

Rachael Kelly

“Working with Jody was an amazing opportunity. The knowledge and experience
gained has been invaluable and my confidence and writing skills have significantly blossomed.”
Rachael Kelly, Student (and pending Author)

Maryanne Zdrojewski

“Jody’s easygoing and manages to guide us through his insightful
grasp of “human nature.” His generousity and willingness to share left me
educated, energised and eager to put his tips into practice.”


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