The Unspoken | Q&A with Actor, Elliot Blagden

What was it that first attracted you to The Unspoken?

It’s the type of script that’s a real gift to an actor. It’s a bit of a cliche, but you always want something you can really sink your teeth into. Plus, the role of Dr. Rose is awkwardly funny yet dark at the same time, which I love.

You play two characters in the play, both with very different agendas. How much of a challenge was that?

As they’re both polar opposites, it was fairly easy to differentiate between the two. I’ve never had the opportunity to play a character as creepy as Father Alderton before, so that was really enjoyable, and as we never physically see him, I don’t have to alter my physicality. I get to put on my “Jon Snow” voice for him too, which is always fun.

Your background is mainly in improv and comedy, so how did you prepare for something shrouded in such drama and mystery?

I always like to find the comedic moments, even in something so dark and tragic. Something can be deathly serious and mysterious but also funny. I simply approach the lines with openness and try to do something new with them each time.

What three words would you use to sum up The Unspoken?

Dark, ambiguous, intense.

Many people have referred to the show as “Pinter-esque.” Can you see where the comparisons come from?

Yes, there’s certainly a ‘Pinter-esque’ menace to it. I suppose it’s because it’s so ambiguous and has elements of the abstract to it. As the audience, we don’t know exactly what world we’re existing in, because it definitely feels like our world, but there’s so much uncertainty to it.

What makes The Unspoken so different to most work on the fringe at the moment?

It’s a joy to see brave new writing that isn’t scared to shock.

We’d like to thank Elliot for his time, and can’t wait for The Unspoken to begin its 2-week run at the Barons Court Theatre. There are 14 performances between 10th – 22nd September, and you can book your ticket from the link below.

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