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  1. Dragons come in so many different shapes, sizes, colours.
    They spark the imagination of everyone young and old alike.
    And no dragon ever looks alike all are different in many ways.

    • They are ancient creatures from fairytales that used to frighten people. They often look demonic with abilities such as spitting fire as if they came straight from hell. They control many other elements as they fly, walk or even swim. Their bodies are usually protected but if you manage to kill one, some tales say their blood grants you great abilities such as invulnerability.
      Maybe since manhood has no natural enemy among animals anymore, we find mighty and deadly dragons even more stunning, especially in books, movies or games, where we can fight against or with these creatures!

      • Great answer, Mare! Yes, dragon blood has been purported to have many magical properties. In “Dragon Speaker” their blood contains great power, but the dragons in the book aren’t demonic, so we wouldn’t want to kill them! 🙂

    • Why are Dragons so cool? They capture the heart of adventure in all of us. They can be our friend, our art to watch, we can envision them how we want and it’s ok. Ready for a fight a worthy opponent, ready to escape jump on one and fly – freedom from reality.

    • Dragons to me. Are powerful, majestic, and intelligent. for me, when I see a dragon illustration and is well made with color and emphases on expresionism it makes me feel relaxed,at ease, and protected. It’s hard to put into words the amount of love I have for them without rambling on.

    • As a unique creature, surrounded by lore from many cultures, they (dragons) may be the most romanticized and fantasiesed about beings. The most loved, and feared creature. If just one of legend were to appear today, would it love society as much as many love it? Truth we may never know, but what makes the dragon so cool, and awesome is that even in modern age a dragon would be the apex predator. Guns, planes and even satalites could not match the raw living power of an intelligent magical being such as a dragon.

    • Although dragons occur in many legends around the world, different cultures have varying stories about monsters that have been grouped together under the dragon label. Some dragons are said to breathe fire or to be poisonous, such as in the. They are commonly portrayed as serpentine or reptilian, hatching from eggs and possessing typically scaly or feathered bodies. They are sometimes portrayed as hoarding treasure. Some myths portray them with a row of dorsal spines. European dragons are more often winged, while . Dragons can have a variable number of legs: none, two, four, or more.

      Dragons are often held to have major spiritual significance in various religions and cultures around the world. They are associated with wisdom—often said to be wiser than humans—and longevity. They are commonly said to possess some form of magic or other supernatural power, and are often associated with wells, rain, and rivers. The colors and shapes and sizes always surprise me let alone the powers each and everyone has. Just very cool no matter which ones you invent each one is even more awesome!!

    • The people you meet. Some are beautiful like Kin, some are hard to handle but once you tame them you can troll (I mean roll) with them.
      Learning about different parts of the rl world, sharing stories and fighting side by side to accomplish a common goal.

    • Because they fill out imaginations with magic, mystery, danger, and exoticism. Also, they breathe fire, and who doesn’t want to breathe fire?

    • Everything makes dragons even more than just “That damn Cool”.
      Shapes, size, what it is capable of, and its abilities can never depict the amount of endless power dragons hold. Though seen in mythical ways dragons can possess more than the powers of all elements in the world. If you cannot find a way to explain how cool dragons are gather 47 different dragon novels and books, then build your dreams around or with dragons in them. Only then can you explain just how cool dragons are.

      I look at them as mythical history’s most powerful pieces of art by each element with infinite divine stories in tongues of dragons themselves. Something more than art…more than what it’s believed that to be.

    • Dragons are a reminder that life has its mystical and mysterious ways. The world of dragons allows you to open your mind and imagine the greatest possibilities.

    • It is a mythological beast, a magical creature that exist only in people’s imagination, and there are still no proof that dragon actually exist. However, this creation is universal, widespread and long-lasting, existing in mythology of various different cultures from ancient times. it might look a bit different from each other, but I assure you all these creatures are usually categorised as Dragons. It is the time that makes this creature rise from the unknown to the creation that me admire now. Deadly fang of a carnivore, sharp and powerful claw to tear through enemy, strong pair of wing that can travel miles, and most of all, FIRE BREATHING. I mean, that creature can beat this badass, and it’s only the most common one. Have a look at Chinese Dragon, Wyrm, Wyvern and many others, some may they are different from the standard dragon but after all they are all in the same family anyway. The thing is, their diversity, are great and vast and wonderful.

  2. Why are dragons so goddamn cool you ask? Well first they breath fire com’on, who wouldn’t find that to be handy is so many ways. Maybe you are stuck in the middle of the zombie apocalypse and need to burn some zombies. Trust me a dragon would be very handy!

  3. There are so many reasons dragons are cool. They have been a fasinating part of or culture world wide. Many possible evidince to prove they are even real & alive hiding in our world today. They are beautiful & powerful there have been some wonderful movies with dragons as well as other great games & of corse books. Of all the mythical creatures dragons are the kings.

  4. All there destructive abilities , the strategy involved in the game with regards to building your defenses on your own base, training your dragons and learning how to use the different styled dragons ie hunters and warriors. Also with it being a team game , getting to meet lots of new people and the co-ordination between yourself and team mates helping you doing attacks and defense. Just an all around amazing game.

    • I’ve played many dragon games, and War Dragons is by far the best! Not just because of their awesome dragons (though I’d be happier if some of those dragons were easier to get…) but because of the team aspect.

  5. It’s simply the awesome mythology of these all powerful almost magical beasts and being English and under the banner of St George the dragon slayer I’ve always had a fascination with dragons

  6. Dragons are So darn cool, because they are the epitome of power they have breath attacks that can vanquish armies in a single strike, there speed and physical strength is unmatched and there long life allows them to become the most intelligent beings in the land.

    • Great answer, Bernie! I also subscribe to the theory that dragons are the most intelligent creatures. In “Dragon Speaker” they are even more intelligent than humans 😉

  7. Dragons are Soo cool in my opinion because they are beautifully mean, tough looking dragons and they are supposed to represent good luck! Not only that I’ve just always loved dragons, something about them just draws me to them!! They are the best!

  8. They Stay cool, even they’re on fire.
    I wouldn’t be that cool then 😀

    Also Dragons ALWAYS Look Good, they Never have a Bad Hair day and when they get wet they Can heat up and dry. They don’t Need towels.

    Well and they Can make Ur steake as u Want Ur steake… if u Want it english they make it english^^

    Ign: Enxy

  9. The things that make dragons so cool are the different types of dragons & attacks, the ability to upgrade your dragons & base, the ability to attack other members & defend other teammates, and the graphics

  10. I’m flying. Yes flying on the back of my very own dragon. I loved it from the start. Then got my hubby on the app. The 3 more friends. This is the only way to mingle with others around the world, make friends and create families. Thank you developers. You rock

  11. I’ve loved dragons all my life. Beautiful creatures if you ask me. So many colors and powers. Fierce deadly creatures that people flee from. I’d love to be a dragon rider kinda like Earagon. That movie was awesome. I don’t personally know who’s gonna win this but god this is freaking awesome. Thank you for doing this.

    • Jeremy, we thank you so much for taking part and for sharing your comments. Without you guys taking the time to write, running this competition would be nowehere near as awesome!

  12. Dragons are the perfect balance of power and elegance. With shimmering scales or feathers they can crush their enemies at any moment they please. But we are also attracted to the idea of dragons because of their loyalty. If you win a dragons trust he will always be by your side until you die or break that trust. Dragons, are creatures we all strive to be.

  13. Summing up why Dragons are Cool! The Wisdom and power they hold, the Respect they command just for simply being what they are, but mostly just the fact they don’t need to be cool…it’s never a question for them if they are or not They Know Without Doubt that they are the Coolest Damn Creatures in the world and so does everyone else!

  14. Dragons are so beautiful. They are graceful Hunters, Warriors and powerful Sorcerers. They protect what’s there’s and kill everything else. I think thats what makes dragons beautiful and cool.Can’t control them they have a mind of their own. Unpredictable and quiet, you don’t know they’re there until it’s to late and your village and base is gone. That’s it. Just plain Beauty inside and out.⚔

  15. Dragons are cool cos they breathe fire but the dragons on war dragons are flipping insane with all the different attacks and skins my favourite so far is amarock with his armour he looks as mean as it’s ever gonna get meaner looking than him I think daenarys wouldn’t wanna mess with him lol hope I get to win one of these packs many thanks in advance

  16. Dragons grace the skies quietly with just a flap in the breeze. Total destruction with just a whip of a sigh or breath no control. Just mayhem. They protect what they is theirs and kill with grace. And I ask you? What makes Dragons beautiful? What is your opinion?⚔

    • In my mind, dragons have so much power that it would be a burden to do things delicately. Yet I believe dragons are loyal and so they try to be gentle to those who follow them, and this is a thing of true beauty. Of course, the majestic way they move only enhances that. They’re like sharks of the sky.

  17. Have you ever wanted to fly? Yeah, guess what, dragons can do that all day long while destroying anything they want. Who wouldn’t like to have the ability to absolutely obliterate the things they hate. To be honest, you can’t get any more badass than a fire breathing dragon.

  18. War Dragons creates a socially interactive world where users can immerse themselves in the lore and compete with friends to earn and win epic loot! All while kicking ass as your favorite dragon!!

  19. This is a great game because it encourages players to join together, working towards defeating bases with awesome dragons. This game is educational because the dragons have so many different skills and developing strategies is key to success, while simultaneously developing steong home base to defend your base.

  20. War dragons is so cool Beause you get to breed and level dragons. With so many varieties of dragons I can’t imagine ever stopping playing this game! The visual aspect and the challenging game makes it so addicting. I want every dragon that is ever offered. I love dragons and this game is amazing!!!

  21. Dragons are the best. Majestic, magical beasts. I would love to have a dragon of my own, lol. I am very proud to be able to play War Dragons. Dragons are badass, and beautiful creatures. They could destroy an entire town and have plenty of food and a good nesting place.

  22. My Teammates are awesome. That goes for both past and current teams. And I notice in general players are nicer and more respectful game wide as opposed to most other games I have played.
    Blowing sh*t up is always awesome but the best has to be breeding,collecting and leveling up all the different DRAGONS. And when they are all beasted out, using them to destroy your enemies.

  23. To me it would be ….
    Their Gracefulness, iNtelligence, Power, and Heritage
    ….. love the winged one’s the best though
    ….. chuckle

  24. Dragons are so cool because they are fierce and beautiful. I used to hate reading but I read the eragon series which is all about dragons and that is what made me love reading. Dragons are so fiercely independent and know they are beautiful. No one can deny that or truly control them. I’ve dreamt about dragons for so long. No creature is more majestic. It’s hard to understand how a creature can be so packed full of power and be so graceful at the same time. Dragons are so overwhelmingly beautiful if we saw one for real their beauty would make us have a heart attack.

  25. The answer is simple, WHO doesn’t love Dragons! No matter if you 5 or 95 everyone has dreamed of owning their own pet dragon. Dragon Wars gives us that dream, we breed, feed and most important fly Dragons. Everyone turns into a 7 year old on Christmas morning when a new Dragon is about to hatch. For just a while each day we get to be a kid and live the dream.

  26. Why are dragons soo cool?? Its very simple: because they very elegant and mysterious creatures. You dont know what they are because they come in many sizes, shapes and characteristics. Some looks like lizard with wings but breathe fire will others looks like snakes which spits toxic attacks. Ever since, I was little, one of my favorite ancient medieval legends aside from griffins are dragons. And one of my favorite movie is Dragonheart. That old movie touched my heart because of the goodness of the dragon. And the other is how to train your dragon, after wathing it, I always wish i got a pet dragon hahaha

      • started reading the free book that you have sent and let me just say, its very easy and so fun to read., im still in chapter one and hopefully can finish it later this week. oh i would like to add also the movie Eragon! captured my heart

        • Hey Raichelle! We’re so glad to hear that you’re enjoying The Champion’s Squire. It has us in stitches all every time, and we also love the magic that Elana seamlessly weaves into any given situation 😀

          • woah that plot twist., i have a hunch about it but i only got confirmed it at the end which is great in stories!!! LOVE THE BOOK YOU SENT and i can’t wait to read Dragon if ever i will win :))

          • Hey! We’re so glad you enjoyed the book. The Dragon Speaker winners will be announced later on today, and so we’ll see who the five lucky people are 😀

  27. Everything, from their armor like hide to their searing breath. The only thing that comes to mind when thinking of dragons is pure majesty and chaos.

  28. Dragons are cool for many reasons but the things I find most awesome about them is that they represent both beauty and wisdom. They are awesome subjects for artists and writers both and it would be awesome to read a book about such awesome creatures.

    • Brittney, you definitely sound like someone who will love Dragon Speaker. Thank you for your answer. The fact they’ve inspired countless artists is undoubtedly part of the reason they’ve become so important to people’s culture.

    • Agreed Brittney! Most of my favorite passages in “Dragon Speaker” are the descriptions of the dragons, and one of my favorite chapters is even written from the main dragon’s point of view. I find them fascinating and inspiring!

  29. I feel that what makes dragons cool would be multiple reasons, for one reptiles in general I find fascinating creatures as they are so unique and different from other species and creatures around the world. Dragons are winged reptiles and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to soar through the skies. So in general I find dragons cool in the aspect that they are reptiles with the ability to fly, not to mention their ability to breathe fire and how they just simply look amazing. I’ve admired dragons and serpents ever since I first had heard of them, just imagining a giant fire breathing winged lizard makes me wish that they were real.

  30. The majesty. The freedom. The sheer and unaltered power and grace. They are mystical beings, one made up of dreams. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to soar through the clouds astride the back of such a magnificent beast?

  31. Ahh, the fantasy of dragons. They inspire all our senses. In my dreams I have run my hand along the warm smooth scales of a dragon’s neck feeling the pulsing of her blood through massive veins. You watch as she takes deep breathes after a long flight that sound like distant rolling thunder. Surrounding a dragon is the sharp smell of ozone that leaves a tingle in your nose like the smell of an approaching storm. The air is thick with an essence of smoke that you can taste clear to the back of your throat.
    “Cool” is too common of a word to describe the mystery and love of dragons. They embody dreams, power, strength, and fierce loyalty to their own. What is cool is that in your dreams when you get close enough to a dragon you can feel you own wings of leather attached to your back. Now that is so goddamn cool!

  32. I like talking to all the players around the world !!
    Great way to make new friends !!
    This game is a keeper !!
    I get bored of most games after a while,not this one !!!
    Good job !!!

  33. The thing that makes Dragons so goddamn cool is how they really are a family. You need one dragon to make another and so on and so on. There are many different ways to get the dragons you want or need. They grow and evolve with you just like children. You work your butt off to get them to adulthood then you retire them.

  34. Dragons are probably the best thing ever. Why you ask. It’s because they can be whatever you want them to be. In my head I see them as beautiful, strong, loyal creatures. They have enormous power and endless possibilities. I love dragons. If I could have one in real.life I would.

  35. Dragons are amazing because they essentially exist in all mythology, in some shape or form, no matter the origin. They can be as majestic and regal as a Chinese dragon, or savage and gold-hoarding European dragon, and everything in between! To put it bluntly, I love dragons so much that for Christmas I got an epic dragon-shaped cake pan, a handmade dragon shoulderbag, and a dragon capelet. 😀

  36. I’ll tell you what makes dragons so GODDAMN awesome, the sheer awe of a dragon. The strength, the immortality, the beauty. A dragon would prolly be the most intelligent, destructive being. A dragon alone is an army. We would only be play things to one. To find a weakness and then exploit it would be an impossible task! This isn’t the hobit, we don’t have black arrows to fire and no Bard to fire them! Every part of a dragon is a weapon. Teeth, claws, wings, tail, breathe……..obviously bred for only one purpose, to conquer. Hail the mighty dragon and hope they aren’t real!

    • Spot on, Thomas! I always loved Smaug as a character, but I found it ridiculous that he could be defeated with a mere arrow through one missing scale …dragons are too powerful to be defeated by something as simple as that! Not to mention, some dragons have magic powers (like the ones in “Dragon Speaker”!)

  37. My favorite thing is the mythology behind them. When I was little my mother told me mountains are sleeping dragons. That were hibernating. Which is kind of ridiculous except to a 5 year old. Lol The coolest thing about them is the treasure they absolutely can not stop hoarding! Who doesnt like gold and jewels?

  38. There is nothing more epic then a dragon. These fire breathing creatures have always been something so awesome to think about being on Earth. In some hidden land that few people have ventured. You never hear about any beasts messing with dragons. That’s what makes them the best. There is nothing not to like about dragons. The fact that they rule whatever land they please and destroy anything with shear force is amazing.

  39. What makes dragons so god damn cool? Hmm thats a tricky one but iv always thought they were cool. Usually dragons are portrayed as evil in either shows or even cartoons. Iv always thought dragons were misunderstood in a sense in which their enourmouse size ans big teeth would make them seem evil or mean. But they arnt evil in fact they tend to be fierce and loyal to thoes that trust it. Dragons are mighty and powerful yet sensitive. When i mean sensitive i mean in a way in which they will protect until their last breath. Whether dragons are portrayed as evil or good i will always find them awsome not for what they do but for what they stand for!

    • Sonia, you absolutely must read Dragon Speaker – and I’m not just saying that because we published it! I feel you’d connect with our dragon Thorion every bit as much as our hero does.

    • Love this answer! Yes, dragons are oftentimes portrayed as villains, but they’re just like humans — some good, some bad. The dragons in “Dragon Speaker” are awesome and as complex as any human character 🙂

  40. Top beast in every mythos they show up in with all stars like Smaug, Typhon, Jormungand, Kilgharrah make way for Shenlong, Saphira, Draco, Alduin. What not to love

  41. “If you saw it, no one would lives to tell.
    Maybe that’s why they are a myth, a fairytale.
    They breath fire, they give you hell.
    When you saw it, your face would turn pale.
    They are flying lizards, with only one purpose.
    To turn this world into a giant furnace.”

    I know it’s not a great poem, I ain’t Shakespeare. But this is what I think about dragons. They are usually associated with destruction and torment. If you could keep one as a pet, what else could you ask for more than that.

  42. Ok for me Dragons have always been awesome. You could rule with one and the breath fire. I mean what’s not cool about that? The game makes badass looking dragons to so that’s a big plus. And the powers they have are awesome. The amount of destruction they can do is just great. To me there are no flaws to them. And that is my answer.

  43. Just a small portion of my collection of Dragons, not including the large dragon tattoo on my arm. Ever since I can remember I’ve been entranced by the pure beauty of them. I admire what they represent. Power, elegance, mystery, fear, pure instinctual intelligence and so much more! Dragons are the epitome of the mythological world and should they ever have existed, they’d no doubt be gods of the sky, land and sea. When portrayed well in movies, pictures, games and more, there is nothing quite as enthralling as the dragon. Many who are like minded in our love for dragons may agree that there is nothing quite like losing yourself in watching these creatures come to life in front of your eyes as your mind wanders in to thoughts of “oh what if they were real? What if I could have a loyal one? What would this world be like?” Many a times I’m sure it’d be better if they did exist, regardless of the damage they could cause lol. When I came across war dragons, I had little hope that the game would be able to meet my expectations of the Dragon and what it represents to me. I was so wrong. The game provides a temporary escape to a world where dragons do exist and I get to BE them, grow them and play them. This contest to win a dragon box, sure that is wonderful. What was better was the question asked to people like me who rarely find others who would entertain a conversation about the majesty of dragons and not find me insane for exploring my imagination and creating a world where dragons truly do exist. So thank you war dragons! And good luck to everyone on winning!

  44. during human dark age,dragon is human protector. They are the avatar of solemn and peaceful. But when human break the rule of nature, dragon is the justice. Their claws and breath will destroy whatever go rude. and what make dragon to be so mysterious is they never showed, cause whoever saw them already burnt into ashes.

  45. Why dragons are cool. They possess the ancient knowledge & magic and share it with humans, the nobility that humbles even the mightiest ruler and yet have the power to make the earth tremble at their feet

  46. Dragons are so damn cool because they allow us to BE the fantasy of total dominance and destruction. Dragons help us escape to a place where it’s ok to express our aggressions on anything just because we can ,just as a dragon does. A dragon isn’t confined to moral judgement, political correctness, or any human problems . It just wants to fly free in the sky and eat lots of fresh meat, and if there is a village to burn on the way all the merrier.

  47. Dragons are so goddamn awesome because of the mysticism surrounding them the internal fire organs the theory’s of how they fly if when they fly their fire gas acts as a buoyant sac that helps decrease weight ..massive size beautiful art concepts.their majestic look ..war dragons aside I have loved dragons since I was a kid my dad Gary Sullivan used to draw them for me all the time and I would color them in I had the dragonology handbook and read just about every novel about dragons that exists and could never stop dreaming of having a dragon companion dragons are fascinating and beautiful if only they were real but your game has taken it to an awesome spin and I love the concepts that you guys have come up with they are beautiful great game guys minus the glitches but they are getting better!!!

    • I have the Dragonology Handbook, too! Sounds like you’d also like “The Flight of Dragons” (which is a book that poses theories about how dragons could exist, fly, breathe fire, etc.) And of course, I think you’d also love “Dragon Speaker”. I go into a bit of dragon science in the series, although my dragons are a bit different from the ones you’re probably familiar with 🙂

  48. Dragons are so Goddam cool because they are a blend of myth and reality. These beautiful majestic creatures could have existed based on living creatures today. Added to their intelligence and might, ability to fly and use elemental breath blasts, and incorportaing evolution with wyverns, they are the true building block of any fantasy game or adventure. Without them, myth or reality, the world would be a much sadder darker place.

  49. The raw power and wisdom born from a seemingly like immortal age they have lived. The art of magic they weave as they play, hunt and care for fellow dragons. The mistake for evil they often get called when all we see is awesomeness and the futility to not to gaze into their eyes and see the world as it’s seen from princes of the world.

  50. WHAT makes dragons so COOL??
    To know ye need not even school!
    Tis the beauty IN the beast!!
    A most graceful killer at the least!
    For one can only imagine to know,
    The immence power to which they’ll grow!
    Roaring and flameing and gnashing of teeth!
    Moaning and screaming of those beneath!
    Hail mighty dragons, ya beasts of the skies!
    I watch..i watch..WATCH with lifted eyes!!

  51. What makes dragons so awesome? The fact that they’re dragons. Dude, they breath fire and can nom on people you don’t like. What’s not to love?

  52. They are called by many names in many cultures. Whether Ryuu, Yon, Leviathan, or other, there is a mysterious aura surrounding our dreams and nightmares associated with Dragons. The dim and distant past is overflowing with the immeasurable strength, tenacity, and even magic of this mythical beast that most of us HOPE is not myth, but only an epic part of our history. To entertain the thought that they existed, and yes, could still exist in hidden and unknown places on our planet, is far greater than the hope of other mysteries having existed, because only the dragon instills in us the combination of freedom of flight coupled with extreme, raw power. To soar above the clouds looking down on mountain peaks, or swim the deepest parts of the earth’s waters, is something all of humanity has striven to accomplish with machines, and yet the various types of dragons have this liberty naturally; and then to conquer the pettiness of mankind and the world, with fire breathed and scaled plates of skin like steel, puts the dragon at the very top of the totems of desire for us. Oh to even ride one, or see through their eyes in a magical link between rider and powerful beast, would fulfill our longing for not only the best of adventure, but also our longing for unbridled power and freedom. And yet for me it is enough to believe. To believe that they were, and to hope that they still are…..somewhere. Hidden. Waiting. Surviving. Being what we believe them to be: The dominant predatory and intelligent creature which can at last humble the arrogance of mankind.

  53. I think it’s cool how it brings people together. We have team members from Korea, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and from all over the US. Somehow we manage to get past the language barrier and work together and have fun. It makes the world a smaller place and we have friends now that we would have never met had we not played this game.

  54. Dragons… Breathe fire, destroy shit, look awesome, breathe fire, wipe people out, make people excited when they get new ones, breathe fire, become more and more powerful, make YOU more powerful, and did I mention? Breathe fire.

  55. Dragons awe us with their power, fascinate us with their skills and make us dream of the endless possibilities if only we could have one. They entice us with dreams of flying and of a special bond between man and an incredibly powerful creature.

  56. What makes dragons so cool?
    Their beautiful sight and amazingly powerful flamethrower that destroys anything that comes near them.
    The way they fly so mysterious and elegant.
    Also I wouldn’t want to get between their teeth! So big and sharp and their claws could rip open anything.
    You know everything a dragon has makes them so goddamn cool!

  57. Flame from all different sizes, lots forget the little guys, but both big and small are dragons. They fly and can carry you… if your a trainer. Also most are quite intelligent and wise.

  58. Dragons are so damn cool, because they are DRAGONS!!! They have magically enhanced weaponry, such as poison and fire, flight, what every person dreams of and what every prey creature fears. What’s not to love? Add to that the possibility of a hoard of treasure that they guard. Now add to that awesome physique sentience… and Voila! You get the coolest fantasy creature ever. Now your dragon, if it be wicked, requires more than brute strength to vanquish. There must be wit to match the dragon’s guile, wisdom to match the ancient knowledge of a creature that learns for centuries. There must be psychological strength to withstand the cruel taunts of a monster that understands how to play on our emotions and fears. There must be creativity to discover the weakness of a predator too strong to be conquered by the mere physical strength of any human being. Now that’s a story.

  59. Dragons are like the awe-inspiring dinosaurs from the olden days.. But they can engulf everything in flames and they can fly up to the heavens, which makes them about a million times cooler than a simple and puny T-rex.. Furthermore, I love dragons so much that I have a huge chinese dragon tattooed on my back and I call her Meridian after the lunar dragon of war-dragons 🙂 they are just the coolest creatures!

  60. What makes dragons so cool? First of all, they’re clever. Really, really clever. Those stories that paint dragons as stupid or easily fooled by humans? All anti-dragon propaganda created by those out-witted by dragons. Second, dragons are gorgeous. The wings, the scales, their agility while flying, and their sheer power all combine to make for one beautiful, mesmerizing being. Oh, did I mention they FLY?! Just imagine the exhilaration watching, or heavens forbid, flying with one of those magnificent beings as they split the air overhead. What isn’t cool about dragons? NOTHING! Damn, now I’ve got a yearning for some good dragon literature. I think it’s time to go re-read Dragon Speaker.

  61. Most MMO games make it ok for high lvl players to pick on the low lvl ones just to kill all their troops or take all their resources. War dragons is different. There’s no reason for high lvls to attack the new players. Even people just starting out can have fun without the worry of high lvl players and continue to grow and find out where they belong in the community without being discouraged.

  62. Guild!! In this game we have a new family… we can meet peoples, meet other languages and other manners for other country.
    And then there are the dragons !! Is a perfect virtual world!!

  63. Dragons are mysterious creatures and have been in tales of old for centuries. So many cultures of so many different legends of them, that it could be fairly possible that they may have existed centuries ago. From Chinese to fairy tales, Disney animations to DreamWorks and even modern day fantasy books, dragons have enchanted children and adults alike. Not all dragons breathe fire or fly though, which are some of the most unique things about them, as well as the fact that there are so many different species. It’s also amazing that they live in different environments, anywhere from the seas, to practically even inside or around volcanoes. Not all are necessarily evil like some tales tell though. Some bring good luck and fortune as well or are heroic. I think that’s what makes them so cool, because each one has a unique trait, personality, species, power, name, etc.

  64. Everything makes dragons cool. The way they look, they can fly, breath fire and they are powerful and majestic.

  65. What I love about dragons is all the different takes on them.
    Medieval Europe believed that dragons where terrible beasts out to steal their women and livestock.
    Asian cultures view dragons as gods of strength and good fortune, with many festivals with dragons still used today.
    Today’s media depicts the same creature in complimentary ways.
    Movies such as ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ and the recent ‘Pete’s Dragon’ remake show the soft, lovable side of dragons.
    Yet video games such ‘Dragon Age Origins’ depicts them as a powerful monster to slay.
    Dragons also display magic and power as in ‘Spyro’ and ‘Game of Thrones’. I
    see them as big dogs with wings when I play ‘War Dragons’, because they’re just adorable as they destroy villages.

  66. Dragons are majestic, mythical, legendary creatures. They are empowering and beautiful. They are greater then a boring ol dinosaur. They’re just a symbol for awesomeness

  67. Dragons are fire breathing, scaly, eyes of terror, flying machines. I stay awake at night thinking where do Dragons even sleep? I need a dragon to train hopefully it’s a sapphire or mythic tier. IGN : BuckShots

  68. Dragons are and have always been beyond cool!
    The majestic aura that surrounds all Dragons is simply breath-taking.
    How do we know Dragons are cool? Sit back, close your eyes and think about this for a few moments.

    Imagine coming face to face with Amarok!
    Huge massive body, Majestic Blue hue skin, horns resembling a crown on top of his head! Both beauty and ferocity wrapped up in one creature.
    To say Dragons are cool it truly an understatement.

  69. Dragons are epitome of power. The kind of power that can only come from the gods above. Can you imgine having one of for your best bud! Wow! Your best bud is buds with Zeus! A dragon flies into your neighborhood and everyone gives way. Upon landing and everyone wants to see them and touch them. Like they are royality, and they are. Their eyes are hypnotic, their scales like shiny armor and their talons like blades. They walk by and all bow to them, their power vibrating clear through to your soul. You can’t hope but pray they look your way, or do you?

  70. Dragons are amazing creatures. Some even say gods. The are amazing and beautiful. They are intelligent and very powerful. They are perfect creatures. I would love to see one in real life. They are mystic and all knowing. I’ve always loved dragons since I’ve been a kid. The are just amazing and loveable creatures surrounded by mystery.

    • In Dragon Speaker, Elana has depicted dragons so beautifully – one as the mightily powerful god, Shivnath, and one as the strong yet vulnerable last living dragon, named Thorion. From the comments you’ve made, I feel you’ll love the book every bit as much as we do.

  71. They’re wide variety of abilities, looks, nature and size!! They are awesome because they freaking RULE the skys!!!!Nothing can compare to a dragon!!! Roar!!!

  72. Dragons are what ever kid dreams of what every kid wants to have or be the dragon is a huge spark of excitement energy imagination as a dragon there are so many kinds from always being total bad ass to being a beast among beast they are beautiful full of colors and shapes

  73. Dragons combine violent power, and intelligence in a visually appealing package. Add to this the ability to telepathically or verbally communicate with people and they become irresistibly intriguing. Who wouldn’t want the chance to talk to a dragon? Make one your friend or ally, and you’ve now tapped into that power too.

  74. Dragons are cool because they are the embodiment of our fantastical imagination. Over the years the myth of the dragon has been continually refined and empowered by all of humanity to the point that we look at them with both awe and envy.

  75. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved dragons. Some of my earliest memories are of me playing with plastic replicas of them, in the warm, Southern California sunshine. Since I was an only child, I would often feel lonely and depressed so I would fantasize about dragons not only being my guardians and protectors, but also my best friends and companions. I would spend hours daydreaming of them taking me on grand and glorious adventures. They would allow me to ride upon their backs as they flew through the sky, righting wrongs and fighting evil foes. I felt safe and secure at night, knowing that no one would hurt me because my dragons were under my bed keeping watch upon me.
    Another wonderful childhood memory was of my father waking me late at night, after he would get home from his job, so we could watch Godzilla movies together. He knew how much I loved my dragons so he encouraged my love for them. My mother also understood my fascination with them, and upon my 10th Birthday, she bought me my very first set of Windstone Editions statues of a mother, father and baby dragon family. With that very first dragon family, it ignited a passion for collecting them. Every Christmas and Birthday my mother would purchase me another dragon that she would allow me to pick out, so with time, my dragon hoard grew.
    I am no longer a child but my passion has not dwindled with age. I am now an adult of forty and eight and my dragon collection has grow as well, through these many years. I wish I could post pictures of my quite impressive dragon collection. As I am sitting here writing this, my dragons are all around me. Some are standing majestically, showing of their impressive armor and horns, while others are poised and ready to do battle at any moment.
    The idea of dragons have been around for centuries and passed down through stories and lore. If dragons were not cool or impressive, the idea of them would have faded out of existence long before now. You can find them anywhere you want to look for them, books, games, statues, jewelry, art, movies, etc. We do not have to keep dragons alive because they will live forever. As long as mankind has the capability to daydream and fantasize, dragons will always live and that is why dragons are so damn cool!

  76. Dragons are so cool because they are mythological beings, that we (sadly) cannot have. Furthermore, dragons can be loyal creatures. In a sense, we see ourselves in them. The fierce flying, fire-breathing, and sharp toothed reptile is something that is not easily tamed, like most people today. However, with all people come different views. Some people would see dragons as a creature that comes to steal gold, while others may see it as a God of the sky and earth. That makes them even more appealing as we cannot tell what their next move is. Do you run from the metal scaled, bronze dragon? Or do you stand and try to tame the God?

    • Great question. If I saw a dragon, I think I’d be frozen in both awe and fear, so hopefully I’d be able to endear it with my charm before it turned me into a flaming marshmallow!

  77. Dragons are the spice of fantasy. A book with dramatic and variety of dragons is always exciting to read.
    Dragons are a must for RPG games as well as CCG. And of course every dragon must have a fabulous treasure hoard with coins, gems and naturally magical items.
    From undead vampiric dragons to majestic platinum dragons. All have a grand tale behind them.

    • I think you’ll enjoy the dragons in “Dragon Speaker”, Jim! The dragons in the book are incredibly powerful and they’ve got a new and exciting type of magic 🙂

  78. Dragons…. Beautiful, loyal and so very strong. If you only ever have one friend, it would do you well to make it a dragon. No one will love you more. When you need it they will bless you with their wise and often witty advice – listen and learn. And always show them the respect that such a stunning and regal creature deserves.
    May the Gods help you if you don’t.

  79. The earliest mention of dragon’s dates back to 4000 BC. Often times, cultures would find the fossils of dinosaurs or other animals, and would conclude that they belonged to powerful flying beasts known to us as dragons. What is so fascinating is that cultures have recorded their belief in these flying, swimming, etc. beasts in nearly every ancient civilization, independent from one another. This goes to prove that the idea of these majestic creatures was not something that was “created” and dispersed because some individual thought he had a cool idea, but rather that these powerful wonders are a part of the human soul, inherent in all of us. So why is that? There are a few possible reasons.
    The first is that living, breathing dragons played an integral part in history, and the history of mankind. Merely looking to the past few thousand years, one could ask where these dragons are now, if they were all over the world at some point. That is a question that any devout follower of dragons would love to know. It does seem hard to believe that ALL of these cultures had firsthand experience with dragons, so how did they know about them? I would argue that when humans were young, a very young race, that dragons shaped their growth. Some dragons may have caused terror, while others provided sanctuary, and a source of just power. This effect they had on our ancestors drastically changed our species forever. Think of a mothers’ bond to her child, that she knows when her young are in trouble without her physical senses telling her this is so. Science has trouble explaining this, yet it happens, and what if the same is true about dragons. They affected our growth so much that their knowledge is literally genetic. In literature, not only are they ideas in fictional texts however, they are also present in most religious texts in one shape or form. If this is so, how can these dragons not play an important role on this earth, how can one deny that dragons exist?
    So the pure magnitude of how important their history and possible futures are is evidence of how “cool” they are, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Plato/Socrates believed that the soul could be described as being divided in three ways, a small man, a lion, and a multi-headed beast. I would argue that dragons represent something deeper in the human spirit, a fourth part you could say. Dragons represent our aspirations, our dreams. Dragons have been characterized as embodying different levels of human emotion, feeling, and qualities. Despite different dragons being just, noble, envious, greedy, etc., how come dragons are almost never depicted as anything but much larger than us as humans? We like to dream big, and require something to look up to. Ever since man has dreamt of flying, winged dragons have been there. Conquering the depths of the ocean? “Sigurd” like wonders were there to greet us. Dragons represent the great and most powerful aspects of the human soul, and give us drive. Our subconscious thinks of a goal, and makes it an attribute of some type of dragon, then we have something almost tangible to admire, and to look up to, and to drive us.
    War Dragons takes this, and toys with characteristics of many different types of dragons, from shape, size, color, etc. Do we see pixels on a screen? No (well, weekly we see Pixxel on a screen, but that’s beside the point), we see embodiments of power, wisdom, nobility, and characteristics that we hope to embody as well as these dragons do, these dragons that come to life whenever we log on.
    So why are dragons cool? Their importance in shaping civilization as we know it, the future that many believe they will play a role in, and the present role they play inside all of us, as a driving force, an embodiment of our greatest aspirations, and something that we can all dream about. What will dragons be like when we finally have the honor of interacting with them once again? Who knows, but one fact is certain, whether they are a force to find sanctuary with, or to be feared, they will be pretty freakin’ cool.

    • Well, Adam, this is without doubt our most thought-provoking answer, and we love the attention you have paid towards answering this question. Indeed, when we study the location of early civilisation, there are some clear gaps information regarding how people managed to travel such vast distances. I remember learning that we believe the oldest humans lived in Africa, yet near identical remains of a human being were found in Australia. Nobody has been able to answer how the body travelled so far as it would have required building a suitable craft and also navigational knowledge that Australia even existed – both of which were seemly impossible based on the capabilities we believe these beings had. However, chuck a dragon into the mix, and this all starts to seem a lot less strange 😀

      • I will admit, I had not thought of that aspect of dragons’ role into our history, that totally makes sense though! It also adds to the conclusion that we used to have a bond much stronger than those of any other animal on the earth, and why even after they have fallen into hiding, that bond, even to a faint degree, still exists, and why they play such a strong role in culture still today. The fact that different cultures could have evolved at different rates due to their environment, and they got there because of these majestic beasts really puts things into perspective. In essence, If we hadn’t colonized the world so early on, the England we know wouldn’t be nearly the same, and odds are, the US wouldn’t exist, and so many more countries wouldn’t either, just because of the different ways the world developed. To think that dragons played a role in that? In essence, I have the opportunity of living in my country, and the lifestyle I have BECAUSE of dragons. That is so cool!

      • Elana, I noticed you are producing a sci-fi thriller coming up soon! Does that perchance have any dragons in it? Or reference to them? :3 If not, and there is a scene with a phone, you should totally rep us dragon fans with War Dragons or something! 😀

        • Haha, if you’re referring to Paradox, sadly it’s stagnating in development hell at the moment 😉 But believe me, if there’s ever a chance to plug War Dragons — or just plain dragons in general — I take it!

  80. People have always had a fascination with dragons. From japan all the way to great britain. And over thousands of years that fascination hasnt died at all. They can still today be seen in movies, books, and video games. There are so many depictions of different types of dragons. Wyverns, wyrms, serpents, drakes, basilisks and dragons are the main known names. People will always love dragons. Not to mention they are super cool. Beasty, and most considered to be smarter than humans. If they were around mankind would be in trouble. Awesome creatures and we cant stop thinking about them even thousands of years later. The more you know. Lol.

    • Shane, you’re absolutely right when you say the appeal has never withered. It’s great how a good dragon is able to get our pulses racing at the drop of a hat 😀

  81. Dragons are so goddamn cool because they are the apex predators among cryptids. Whatever aspect of all the spiraling threads of lore they inhabit, it always seems to be one filled with prestige, mystique and respect. From Smaug, to the ancient draconian planeswalkers of mtg, to the raid bosses of many mmorpgs, the forms they take are often titanic and deadly, their names whispered fearfully over campfires, gametables and playgrounds.

  82. Dragons are amazing….they come in all shapes and sizes from the winged to the wingless. With a loyal nature and a protective instinct! With great majestic power that can either strike fear in the bad or praise in the good! Providing a sense of security for those that need it! I love dragons and the creativity that they inspire.

    • Yes, the sense of security that would come with having a dragon would be unparalleled. This is exactly what makes the fight to “own” the last living dragon so absorbing in Dragon Speaker.

  83. Dragons are the embodiment of mystery, danger, and unwavering strength. They have persisted in mythology for thousands of years because they represent a virtually non-existent class of creature which humans have a near-impossible chance at slaying. Even the idea of slaying a dragon has become a metaphor for overcoming the impossible. Their relevance today after thousands of years is a testament to their resilience. The mythology itself has become as fervent and unwavering a a dragon’s legendary vitality.

  84. Dragons are beautiful, mystical creatures. They roam the skies and create wonderful masterpieces with their flame. Dragons are pure and magnificent. As they glide through the air their presence alone would change the worlds atmosphere. Carrying their greatness withing their soulful hearts they soar into unknown lands and discover the most presious secrets of this world. This is what makes a dragon, a dragon. This is what makes a dragon live.

  85. Dragons are the embodiment of the human condition. Different types of dragons convey the different flaws of who we are as humans. Greed, Anger, Fear. We all have dragons inside of us.

  86. So many awesome answers above and I agree with all of them! So many amazing qualities that a dragon would possess. I’m not going to lie tho.. I like the way they blow sh*t up! A dragon commands respect and those with the best dragons have earned the respect to fly their amazing beasts!

  87. Because they are like Maths. They are the mighty fruits of the human imagination. They are cool since people imagine them cool.

  88. There are alot of things why dragons are cool or should i say hot first of all the word dragon sounds cool enough but the you go into it. It gets quite complex they have scales like a lizard some breath fire other breath other stuff but when it comes down to my favorite part the design and the name of the dragon for example my favorite legendary dragon is diskouri sorry if i mispronounced it he is very detailed in his design and also with his/her description it says and i quote “one head tells lies and the other devours people” sorry if i didn’t ttpe the right words but still it sounds like diskouri is a like dragon of deception and anything bad i guess so all dragons are different some might be the same but are different in color and the developer of the game paid alot of money and time into these disigns and i respect him/her for that time and effort.us the gamers of the game have played for excitement but did we ever thanked them i did whenever i start playing i know weird but without them we wouldn’t have war dragons

  89. What makes dragons so damn cool?

    Wow! How to Express this in words…

    Every time we hear that a tv show, game, or movie has dragons in it immedietaly arouses our senses. The opportunity to witness, once again, one of the most elegantly designed creatures of our imagination makes us salivate once again at the thought of it. We are so driven and mystified by utopian excistance of these creatures that we just can’t help just marvel at them every time we see one.

    Dragons simply are magestic creatures. Fictionional, or not (?), they entice us in way no other creature can or will ever attract us. They are indeed the holy grail of fiction.

    So, why are dragons so damn cool

    I believe the thought of creating one of the most amazingly humane mystical bonds ever in human history with a flying, dinosaur-sized, fire-breathing animal is what drive us so crazy about them. We just can’t help ourselves when we imagine the things we could do, and would do, with a domesticated flying animal that can safely take us anywhere we want around the world.

    They epitomize the essence of the word freedom.

    Living life safe and unbound, that is what makes dragons so cool!

  90. To me dragons are kinda like dogs (which i love) they can be tamed and controlled by a master but they can also be very ferocious when their survival instincts kick in.

  91. Dragon’s are so cool because they spark our imagination! What it would be like to have one as loyal protector. So many different kinds to think of. They are beautiful, powerful, ferocious and spectacular creatures! Imagine one landing and letting you climb on to go for a ride! I love everything to do with dragons.

  92. Dragons are created from the imagination of man,and in their minds dragons soar freely in the sky,exploring the corners of the world.Dragons are dangerous yet beautiful myths,as a bit of their flame can change the world.A singke roar emitted from their throats send chills down one’s spine.Dragons represent different elements of the world,fire,water,air and earth.And each of them are equally majestic and tremendous.

  93. Dragons blood burning hot,
    from the place where he’d been shot.
    It drips from his enormous wings,
    spoiling the color of the clear blue springs.
    The mighty beast screams with rage,
    with a whip of his tail he destroys the cage.
    Then spreading his powerful wings red with blood,
    he bounds through the air and lands in the mud.
    With three more bounds and one big leap,
    he’s gone from sight without a peep.
    He’s gone back to his hatchlings and hen,
    to see the likes of mankind, never again.
    He will soon heal and be well,
    and again rule the beasts of heaven and hell.

    • Lovely poem, Kaya. Very evocative! Oftentimes we forget that despite their raw power, dragons *are* still vulnerable. However, it would take an awful lot of work (and luck) to best one in a fight! 😉

  94. Dragons bring together knowledge and power. With power comes responsability. With knowledge comes humility. This concepts are in the roots of every civilization in humankind history, which turns dragons close to the conception of Gods, and what can be cooler than flying enormous fire spitting gods covered in scales 🙂

  95. War dragons.

    Dragons aren’t cool.. they are badass and freaking amazing. “Cool” doesn’t even bigin to decribe them.

    Flying your own dragons is undoubtably remarkable. But…

    Flying your dragons with teammates is even better then remarkable… it’s Spectacular.

    Flying your dragons gives you a sense of relief and joy. Why you ask? Your flying a freaking dragon what else is there.

    Flying your dragons you learn new ways to use them and sufficiently get the best results.

    You can’t go wrong when you download War dragons.

    Go fly your dragons with pride! And put on a smile!

  96. Why is War Dragons so cool? It gives me a chance to connect with my child while doing something he enjoys. We are constantly comparing notes about our bases and dragons. I have also found a wonderful little spot where I can relax. My team is absolutely amazing and we are like a close knit little family!

  97. Dragons are and always have been associated with magic and make-believe. Allowing ourselves to become immersed in dragons and their world allows us to temporarily escape reality. We all wish we could take control of such a wonderous beast, who can unleash hell upon its enemies, but yet show loyalty and obedience to its friend and master. We escape the real world and allow ourselves to travel to a time and a world that will never be. Dragons fuel our imagination. They are not cool because they are fearsome creatures who seek and destroy, but because they promote and draw out the creative minds in all of us. There are people who draw them, sculpt them, write about them, make films or games about them, and there are those who read of them, collect figurines or statues of them, watch shows and play games about them. A love of dragons and their distant lands provides a common love for something when there might be no other mutual similarity between people. Dragons bring people together. That’s why they are so cool!

  98. Their overwhelming strength and the inspiration they create. There is always some truth to a legend, so there is a chance they could have been real long ago.

  99. I love the idea of dragons. The imagination behind them. The thought of them. Dragons can be any color any size and shape. Dragons can have any powers that we wish. Just the infinite possibilities behind dragons makes me love them. I play the game dragon wars because of how magnificent the creators scope and imagery is. I’m really glad there are others that feel the same way.

  100. This game is visually stunning, intricate, and surprising.
    I hatched an egg, and it was an Etzel.
    That is my maiden name
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  101. Dragons are rare, beautiful, ferosious,strong and the will to not give up. Each one it’s own characteristic. It’s own strenght and weakness. But they have one thing in common that we have as well. The need for love.

  102. What makes dragons so damn cool is the idea that they are the expression of our inner powers. All of our energies transformed into a ruthless creature capable of expressing our deepest desire of control and eternity. Dragons are the mirrors of our souls, wether is dark or filled with light.

  103. War dragons is my favorite game, I am on it constantly trying to upgrade my dragons and build on my base. Due to being twenty seven with heart problems I haven’t been working so I can’t get elite account which makes me have to work harder but it is worth all effort put in. This game has great graphics, awesome events and the dragons are off the charts with their looks and their abilities. You all have done such a great job on war dragons, and I will continue to play. I don’t see myself ever finding a game I like better than this. Thank you so much for giving us such awesome entertainment.

  104. What makes dragons so damn cool?

    Throughout history they have been portrayed as the antagonists in stories and legends. They have been something overcome and defeat. Dragons are the epitome of power and freedom. As humans, we only wish we could wield that much power without corruption.

    In modern times they ignite the imagination of people around the world from east to west as symbols of power and guardians of cultures around the world.

    We as humans stand in awe of the prodigious power that dragons wield with the ease of one single fiery breath.

    War Dragons let us encapsulate that power if only digitally, and I am quite enjoying flying with my dragons against my enemies and with my teammates.

  105. War Dragons is just an awesome game, from the builds to the dragons to the events. So many different kinds of dragons. The developers attitude toward the gamers is awesome, this truly is an awesome and complete game 5 stars definitely

  106. dragons are fierce creatures. and working with them make them crazy powerful. show your loyalty and they will reward you!! always been a fan of dragons. something about being strong independent animals as always fascinated me. I watched eragon when I was younger and thought how cool is this. dragon come different colors and shapes to help them blend into their environment to help get prey and also for their defense. just like the game war dragons some dragons are defensive dragons and some are straight hunters! I have always like/love dragons and will stay that way for the rest of my life!!!!# dragons rule

  107. Because of their strengths and power that they have. They are loyal to their master and no one, NO ONE can break that bond. They are beautiful in color and epic in numbers.

  108. In my opinion dragons are awesome because theyre so ferocious. You hear the word dragon and its like youre thinking legend and youre thinking fight or flight. Theyre mythical creatures that some people fear and some admire, if you met a dragon would you run away or be like me and try to gain ones trust. Dragons are cool for having that thick skin and huge body that makes them basically impervious to any human weapon, plus the fact that they can breath fire makes them so much cooler. Plus they can live for so. Much longer than humans can if they could speak could you imagine the storys and old dragon could tell? Dragons have always been my favorite muthical creature since theyre so free and such a predator. Top of the food chain, cause who would go over a dragon?

  109. I’ve been a fan of dragons my whole life, which is why I started playing War Dragons.
    I dig the game because of all the different dragons you can earn. The game keeps me coming back for more with all the constant upgrades and higher level dragons to get. It’s not just a play, beat, over kind of game. I dig that! =)

  110. I believe dragons are so cool because of their traits. Pure power, intelligence and ability. In fantasy, they are the unstoppable force that takes only the most creative minds to counter and defeat. Their mere presence can send even the most brave into a frenzied panic. According to movie, myth and folklore, they also make great protectors if they are owned. Great aces of the skies.

  111. I have loved dragons ever since I was little, after I watched Sleeping Beauty for the first time and saw Maleficent change into a dragon. Since then I’ve always been obsessed. I’ve read all the books that have dragons in it and watched as many movies with dragons in them as I can. Dragons, to me, are always beautifully magical. They’re so majestic and graceful and full of amazing powers. It makes me so upset whenever I remember that there aren’t any dragons in real life that I can own and/or be friends with. Dragons are the best thing mythology ever came up with and I wish that they were real.

  112. Because dragons mean so many different things to so many people! Every culture hangs different meanings and attributes on their dragons…but the concept of a dragon is universal. Quintessentially, they represent power, in a very pure state- whether that power is benevolent and wise, or evil and wicked…or perhaps neutral?
    They’re living canvases!

  113. Dragons are not simply cool. They are amazing, mysterious and fearsome. They can spark one’s imagine with their breath, and carry us to new, unexplored worlds on their wings. They can destroyers; attacking cities and killing livestock. They can be guardians, sent to protect those who cannot protect themselves. Or they can be companions; a bond with a dragon can never be broken, and once you earn a dragon’s trust and loyalty you will never know fear again.
    Dragons can be as colossal as a mountain, or that butterfly you saw could be a little dragon. They can live in the bowels of the world, in the farthest icy regions, or in the abyssal depths of the ocean. They are only as limited as one’s imagination.

  114. Its wide, full of colours, long term, unites people, some even live in it! always something to do!
    Almost a year in Dragons. Met my love in it, what else do you need?

  115. Dragons can be found in nearly every single culture around the world, be it dragons, wyverns, air or sea serpents, the list goes on.

    The fact that these creatures are similar (sometimes even identical) in not only appearance, but ability and personality, can truly show how we as humans can imagine such beasts to the extent that we have.

    Dragons are mythical beings (unfortunately) that are created with the aspects of real animals or objects. Take the Chinese dragon for example. Made with the imaginations of the ancient Chinese people, their dragons has the body of an eel, the face of a pig, scales and whiskers of a carp, claws and flight of a bird and antlers and grace of a deer.
    This dragon draws its power from an orb in which is emensly powerful, and is kept with the dragon at all times. Legends says that if you were to find a dragons lost orb then he would grant you a wish, in return of his orb (a bit like ryuu).

    And then there are the western dragons. Unlike the Chinese dragons the western dragon looks like a giant lizard with the wings of a bat and the ability to destroy things with its fiery breath. Often despicted as evil beings who terrorised villages for their gold and valuables, the western dragon was, and still is is seen in many folklore and tales.

    These few facts clearly show why I think dragons are cool, and how good minds think alike.

  116. Dragons are not a myth or a fairy-tail. They are real and have been since the dawn of time. They have abilities to adapt to any environment. They are the smartest creature alive. The majority of them were kind befriended the human race. But the humans be an to fear the dragons so they were hunted down and killed. Now the only ones still alive are always in hiding for fear for their life. They are beautiful majestic creatures.

  117. They are cool because they have such warm hearts, a dragon isn’t just a pet they are so much more than that, Dragons make great pets, they deter intruders, great for starting the family barbecue plus they can also be used for rapid transportation, imagine the fun if someone won’t let you overtake, send a lightning bolt up his tailpipe. Just remember if you are visiting a public park take a couple of asbestos lined trash bags and an industrial shovel as a plastic glove or pooper scooper is unlikely to be adequate.

  118. Dragons have always been amazing to me from the beginning of my childhood. My step dad would always draw dragons for me to color in and hang up. I had all the dragonology books, and about a hundred dragon novels. I’ve been fascinated with their majesty and magic.

  119. Dragons are enshrined with just enough thrill, mystery, magic, and mysteriousness to leave you tip-toeing on the fence between fear and awe.

  120. Dragons are such majestic creatures! I love the creativity that goes into the creation of every dragon ever described or drawn. From Gigantic and scary to small and cute, I have always loved dragons and the the fantasy world that they go with!

  121. No explanation needs to be made as to why Dragons, drakes, Wyrms etc…are awesome!! Who would not want to be a creature that at their own will can burn cities to the ground and leave nothing alive in its path of fire goodness and destruction!! No tree, measley hut, man woman or child, goat, cow or any form of livestock or breathing living being left untouched as their reign of fire lays waste to the land they destroy!! And they are just so damn cuddly!!!

  122. Dragons are mystical HonorBound and respected they are the top of the food chain but yet so Majestic that is why dragons are cool they respect one another and they respect the laws of nature.

  123. Truth is that War Dragons gave me and my wife a chance to play a common game together we can both enjoy. We both have come to have encountered great new friends and realized this game promotes fellowship, teamwork, preserving battles and strategy, evolving communication skills and family. Yes, our new found community of friends have become much more than online friends in fact we’re so close in personal matter we know so much about each other and talk through life’s problems that we consider ourselves a family. War Dragons is much more than a game it’s a community of people getting away from reality and coming together in one common cause. I’m not writing to win I’m writing to inform. I’m a retired Army Vereran with a wife and newborn daughter, and now our family has grown 10 fold. Thank you for this opportunity to express our gratitude to you and hope you become bigger in the gaming industry hopefully coming to PlayStation haha. In all seriousness THANK YOU!!

  124. Dragons are amazing and wonderful mystical creatures and beasts found throughout many cultures. They leave so much to the imagination of what could be out there or what might have once been on earth. There are so many different types of dragons that leave so much to the imagination it’s an incredible thing and that is why dragons are so awesome

  125. “What makes dragons so damn cool?” To me the coolest thing about dragons is that they aren’t real, yet they live in the imaginations of all of us. Dragons are what we want them to be wether you are a game programmer, writer, tattoo artist or just a kid with an active imagination. Good or evil, big or small, violent or peaceful, cunning or deceitful, slithering or winged it doesn’t matter. Everyone has an idea of what we think is the coolest dragon and yet none of them are the same. By living in our imaginations we make them what we want and THAT is pretty damn cool.

  126. Dragons are mythical beasts that can take many forms. They can use the elements of the Earth to push forward their agenda. Whether they are defending their own land, or terrorizing someone else’s, there are very few other creatures that can combat them in any way. Just the site of a dragon can strike fear into the heart of any man! What makes dragons so damn cool? There is nothing about that would make them anything OTHER than damn cool! Best creature ever created, hands down! LONG LIVE THE DRAGON!!!!

  127. Dragons are mythical creatures that are so similar to humans , They are intelligent , unique , capable of immense destruction . Maybe humans created a bigger , badass version of themselves or maybe they did exist. Whatever maybe the truth, Dragons have been spoken about for hundreds of years in all parts of the world, Europe to Asia to Africa to the Americas . They have been part of movies, TV shows and books . These facts itself make this creature amazing and truly a legend.

  128. It’s a tragedy that dragons
    Have become extinct
    Just a myth or a fairy-tale
    Kept alive with pen and ink

    Misunderstood by the tales of man
    Guardians they were of the land
    Protectors who were sorely mistaken
    Born from the spirits of fire, air, and water they became the forsaken

    Hunted by mankind out of fear
    They witnessed their brethren die so dear
    Their emerald eyes of love turned yellow
    As the first dragon learned to bellow
    Out came a fiery breath, born of death

    Destruction of cities out of survival and revenge
    What would you do for your fallen but avenge

    What choice does one have on the brink of extinction
    Kill or be killed the only distinction

    I weep for the dragons one of thee most magical of creations
    Succumbed to mans temptations

    I heard a egg still yet exist waiting to be hatched from it’s lair
    With hope and a prayer I yet wait to see A dragon soaring and loving the freedom of air
    Wouldn’t that be a site to behold
    Breaking man made rules
    Damn dragons are cool

  129. Why are dragons so damn cool? They’re a mythical creature that persists in legends all across the globe between cultures that had no contact at the time period these legends were established. They’re known as benevolent gods and monstrous conquerors. They’re prolific across all mediums of entertainment, paintings, books, moves, and games such as War Dragons. Some control the seas and some are the atypical fire breathers, but even a typical dragon is something to marvel.

    In short, they’re fascinating and incredible creatures and every culture recognizes it. That’s why they’re so damn cool.

  130. They are awesome because they can fly, they can attack in many different ways: fire, bitting, tail swipe, grabbing the prey and throw it away, etc.

    And then…. there is POG.

  131. Dragons are the epitome of Fantasy. Used in children’s stories to inspire the youth’s imagination. Used in lore to endow wisdom. I just all around enjoy them and they never fail to bring a smile to my face.

  132. To me, dragons are bold, powerful, vain and fierce. They’re some of the most intelligent and wittiest conversationalists you could ever hope to find. Dragons look out for themselves and those they care about. They’re not just dangerous beasts with hides like jewels, with no thought for anything but what or who they might have a taste for. People don’t see that dragons get lonely and jealous and lustful, just like the rest of us. Though, my argument could be perceived as biased, because I’ve loved dragons for as long as I can remember.

  133. Dragons are cool because not only what they look like and their abilities but also what they represent. Power, nobility, bravery, trickery, grandeur, and good or evil. Dragons have been depicted in almost every way imaginable but have almost always been thought of through power.

  134. Dragons are mysterious, harsh but gentle. Each dragon has their own temperament, attitude and personality. No two dragons are the same. They are very intelligent and completely misunderstood.

  135. They are everything and anything we want them to be. Like our smaller companions, dogs, very trainable, except the abilities are so much larger and much more rewarding. We use them to advance ourselves with resources, knowledge and for some, advance our power and greed. There is much that can be said about the magnificence of a Dragon, but alas, in my last training session I was slightly burned upon my hands and can continue no longer. Forgive my briefness, perhaps we may speak another time. Signed Elzebeth

  136. I think Dragons are so Damn Cool because they Personify our Inner Spirits. Dragons come in many shapes sizes and colors. They are fierce wild creatures that posses magical attributes. Dragons also speak to those who listen just like our inner spirits. Those who stop and listen to dragons or inner spirits of others end up learning the secrets of Friendship and even Love.

  137. Dragons are cool because they never go out of style. They are strong and they have different abilities there’s not 2 dragons that are the same.

  138. What makes dragons so damn cool? Everything! They are creatures that can fly, come in many different varieties and colors…I can’t believe you really have to ask!

  139. Dragons are . Why are they so cool you ask. No matter who you are or where you were born you grew up hearing story’s about them! For those who are from the western world those story’s might have been wrought with Fire, Destruction and a representation of the evil that lurks amidst us. For those of us that came into this world in the east, your stories are full of happiness, wealth and power.
    . But regardless all 7 billion of us on earth have experienced one or more emotions from hearing those stories. Ultimately the Dragons are alive their legacy has been passed on generation to generation for as long as mankind has had the ability to communicate their emotions into a relatable Thrilling and Adventurous tale. -Long live the Dragons

  140. What makes war dragons so cool? Hard question… there are so many reasons why there so “cool”. I got hooked the first time I got to compete in an event. It was dodo and worked so hard to get him. Still one of my favorites. Then there was Meridian! He’s a beast and it’s to bad he sits my bench now. Love this game and you never fail to impress us with some new and exotic dragon. Keep up the good work War Dragons team!!!

  141. Dragons are not only one of the coolest mythical creatures to ever exist I believe in my heart of hearts that as in all folklore they hold some truth and when looking at dinosaurs and their reptilian features combined with the fact that in evolution some turned into birds there had to be a i between so weather we can prove it or not they may have and could still roam the earth considering the fact that through out time man has depicted art work of these beautiful beasts from Europe to Asia, from the ancient history of Asian cultures and the knights fighting dragons in the dark ages we may one day find solid proof that they existed and until that day I will still find them to be awe inspiring and as my last name is Siegfried and my family coat of arms has a black Draco on it I will forever be a true lover and fan of dragons. My ancestry goes back to before the 1100’s My family may have been Among those who lived along side them for better or for worse and that to me puts a special place in my mind and heart for dragons I even have them tattooed on my body lol

  142. Dragons are fire breathing, fierce, protective, dominant creatures that draw our imaginations to heights beyond our understanding on wings made for battle and are yet so graceful. They are the dreams of many and realization of only a privleged few!

  143. Dragons have been in our fairy tale stories, religious writings and are heavily talked about throughout history ever since the dawn of man. Either if they are just a fable or possibly something more tangible we may never know however it doesn’t matter. Dragons mesmerize us by the imaginative descriptions that have been described over the years in different shapes, sizes, and forms by nearly every culture throughout the world. Dragons entrap our imagination to delve into the mystery, a shroud of pure mysticism and speculation. So long as Dragons baffle us and keep us curious they will never cease from existence. Legends are interpretations of what one person declares to have seen. Legends never die but they had to start somewhere.

  144. Dragons to me have such a sheer presents , individually .
    Their eligence, beauty and most importantly their loyalty .
    They easily become part of you in your lives .
    If your feeling Blue , they soon can lift you out of that and give you positivity.
    The connectivity stays with you forever.
    And that’s cool.

  145. Dragon’s are like a mountain. They are there to stay. For theme to sleep on gold is the demonstration of there mightyness. That and fack that I love dragon’s.

  146. Dragons are simple, yet benevolent creatures, and have been a part of our mythical life for a long time. They have sparked our curiosity and even though we are almost certain they aren’t real in our lives, people are still searching, for any possible evidence to suggest that these amazing creatures actually exist. Some of these theories, aren’t even theories at all, some are quite hilarious, and this is another reason why these creatures are ‘so damn cool’. They can entertain us, whether they real or not. ‘War Dragons’ is a game that utilises human being’s fascinating curiosity and fascination of these creatures to create a game, that is very creative, to say the least. Since we cannot prove that dragons are actually real, there is no right or wrong about dragons, and this makes it marvellous for game developers to create new and interesting looks for dragons, such as the game this promotion is for – ‘War Dragons’. This game creates original skills that dragons have, and other mythical things, which is another reason why dragons are so cool because they can spark ideas about other mythical things that have appeared in folklore, because the fascination to prove that dragons are real have created theories beyond most of our imagination, and therefore created so many great stories behind how the specific person proved dragons are real. The way dragons spark imagination is breath-taking, and is for sure why dragons are the best mythical/folklore creature that ever existed in ancient texts. Finally, they are just so cool, you can’t deny that a flying creature that can breathe fire isn’t cool, because then you wouldn’t have a very broad imagination, because something that flies, breathes fire, and has savage looks is just too damn cool!

  147. Dragons are powerful. They embody strength and are fierce fighters. They can stand on their own and don’t react to threats or dangers. They face things head on, so I guess you can call them fearless. And I don’t believe its because they are without fear, but simply because they move forward and do what they must, even with fear facing them. That’s how I see dragons. Fierce and protective, powerful and in an arena all their own.

  148. Dragons are often portrayed as mythical beasts that symbolizes power. With their powerful claws and fire breathing abilities and being able to dominate both land and air, nothing stands in their way.

  149. Why are Dragons so cool?

    There magical, mythical creatures that spark a hidden destructive desire deep within you and take you to a mystical world.

  150. Dragons are so damn amazing because first and foremost, just look at them! They bring so much visually it’s amazing! The colors, the wings, the contours of there bodies! Secondly the differences in each type of dragon make them so interesting, almost like there own personalities! I mean they FLY! They rein terror down on enemy’s when needed and they offer companionship to there owners. What more could you ask for!

  151. Well For me all that makes my dragon so cool are-
    1. Let me haunt for new places as while walking its not visible.
    2. Let me remember my teenage life which was great when it comes to trying new things.
    3. Dragon makes me passionate for my life as seeing some of my fav like Amarok
    4. Sigurd dragon is great with it’s skills which i first saw make me feel..oh shit!!!!!

  152. Dragon are the embodiment of what, I think, we all wish we could be. Powerful, intelligent, fierce, they can cross the spectrum from benevolent to evil. They are magical and mythological beings whose whose very presence impacts the worlds around them. I also love the fact that almost every culture in the world has mythology that references dragons or dragon-like creatures.

  153. I think at some point in everyone’s lives we all have dreamed or fantasized about dragons in our own little world. Mythical creatures as fierce or as docile as your imagination can create, in any shape, form, color, or size. Playing War Dragons is nostalgic and reminds me of the good parts of my childhood: no responsibilities, happiness and laughter, playing all day long, and not a care in the world! While dragons generally symbolize power and grandeur, people all across the world believe they represent many things like: benevolence, luck and wisdom, and virtuous qualities such as bravery, intelligence, and ambition. These are just a few examples of the many symbols people believe about them. What’s not to love about dragons?

  154. Dragons are so great because they represent so many things in our cultures: Origin, power, determination. They became very important in our history because of that specs, at least various countries had symbols that include dragons that we could know them not only for the books iin the school, even in the tales tell us for our granparents include them without any doub. In summary, we learn of the
    stateliness of a dragon because they became part of us thanks to those stories and facts.
    So far of just admire a wonderful legend with many variations, types and colors, I think the meaning of a dragon is deeper: We forge our modern civilizations within the tales and legend of such a terrific and admirable animal that already exists in our minds nowadays.

  155. With the ability to fly, destroy things with their fire breath, and their amazing look, what is there not to like about dragons?!?! the only thing I wish is that I actually had one!

  156. Dragons are one of the many means of self expression. Dragons are ethereal creature we use as humans to express our inner most creativity. Dragons are extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world. In a way, we use the amazing creativity of dragons to do things as human we cannot. Dragons are so diverse that anyone can find a dragon that fits there personally and desires, or many! Dragons are the creatures that everyone wishes they could be. The diversity of dragons also opens so many door to there uses and abilities. It’s endless possibilities!!

  157. Dragons are immortal. Like and unlike a kraken, they’re immortal in the most human way; legend. And more importantly, in those legends, there will always be an incredible human term found; triumphant. Nothing more intimidating, devastating and woeful than a triumphant dragon; and nothing more powerful and inspiring than a triumph over one.

  158. Where there are stories of dragons, there are stories of smiling children behind it, fantasy ripe in their eyes. There is a certain fascination with dragons that I believe comes with talk of dragons, and it is a fascination that even the oldest of our generation can take part in. Not only does its crafted lore transcend generations, though, but it also transcends cultures and manifests itself into the fantasies of everyone around the world. There are different types of dragons – so many it can be difficult to track them all – and those types correspond with the culture, the allegory behind those creations, the eloquence of many generations through many cultures. Dragons are so cool because they connect people around the world; in times like these, that is what we all need.

  159. Dragons are mystical beings that weld a power unlike any other. Their size and strength cannot be matched. Whether you are flying a three-headed Ith or the amazing Amarok a dragon trainer will learn respect for them. Like any animal they need love and attention. With the right care they will never let you down while in battle. As they become stronger they strike fear in the hearts and minds of their enemies. Dragons are cool for so many different reasons. Mostly they are cool because games like War Dragons has become a way for me to spend time with my children. Whether it is playing the game with my oldest, answering all the questions about my dragons with my middle child, or watching the expression of awe on my baby’s face as she watches the dragons in battle this has become a game that I can share with my children and that makes dragons awesome.

  160. Dragons are very protective of there home and family. Dragons are the most powerful beasts in all the world they have the power of the elements (water,air,earth ,fire,spirit). They also have the power of life and death. Dragons are my favorite beast in all the world. i have been searching for dragons my whole entire life and i wont give up until i find them. This box might help me find them and if i do get the box and i do find them i will make shore i will tell you guys first. Thank you.

  161. I think its the wining smile of a Dragon when u are Face to Face with them and u know u shouldnt be here now…

  162. Dragons are amazing creatures! I’ve read so many books containing dragons and all had different aspects, with dragons of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some breathed flame, frost, acid, or poison, but all captured my attention and imagination. I would love to write a book about a powerful dragon that through sorcery was turned into a man. Maybe a very large man, but still retained some of its strength, and longevity, at least to a point, and then went through many adventures while questing to regain his true form and abilities back.
    War dragons is awesome because the same reasons. The many dragons with their differnet abilities and working with teammates to advance and conquer!
    Happy Birthday and congrats on your book! Can’t wait to read it!

  163. War Dragons brings people from all over the world and from all different backgrounds together! Whether it’s for a love of games, a love of dragons, or a love of kicking another teams ass in events, War Dragons unites people for good clean fun! And THATS what makes War Dragons so damn cool!

  164. Dragons are the most amazing fantasy creatures that have ever been conceived. These amazing creatures are generally depicted as gods/goddesses or being of supreme power and wisdom. That is only the tip of the iceberg for these incredible beasts. With a vastness of species that is so insane that one could not possibly memorize all the different types of dragons from all the different sources. The variety of different shapes and sizes they come in is remarkable too. They represent the pinnacle of everything and are almost always depicted as such. They are the closest to perfection.

  165. Dragons are true predators. The fiercest species since the beginning of time. They say men invented fire, but they had it in them long before the first men walked the earth. Dragons don’t need to walk…they fly! They evolved themselves through time to best adapt as circumstances require it of them.

    The large variety of colours and shapes make them all unique and a wonder to behold. Each and every one of them is a (fire) breathing miracle.

  166. Dragons are so cool because they can be the most fierce and powerful creature, yet some could stand by your side as a friend. They fill your imagination with wizards, knights, castles, and damsels in distress. Taking you high into the clouds on a mystical journey! They just kick @ss!

  167. I asked my son why he thought dragons were cool… his simple answer was “mom….they shoot fire! How is that NOT just awsome!!!” Well yes in my opinion this is also true, but for me its so much more! It strikes a deep fascination for the magical unknown! First the creature itself, massive in size with built in body armor and incredible majestic power under its wings and the unknown knowledge in its huge beautiful black eyes! Everything about them is just amazing!
    Now second is the times of the dragon for me is also fascinating, a time in life where you have knights and kings and castles! A time when you have heros fighting and dying for honor and love! A time when people still knew what they wanted and fought for it! A time when people still had honor and morals and stuck by them! A time when it was simple, and PERFECT!
    So my simple answer would be dragons themselves are an object of pure fascination, but the tales about the land when dragons existed makes me want to actually be there and be a part of it!

  168. Dragons are like mathematics, they present a common language to people across the world. They are a legendary mysterious creature representing intelligence, power, mystery, an imagination. Their history dates back centuries and has inspired incredible stories, culture, and legend. Through out the ages dragons have and will continue to bring people together to explore thoughts, ideals, and inspire people to dream. Simply put the real power of dragons is the inspiration and entertainment they have and continue the people of the world.

  169. Dragons or awesome due to the fact that in our imagination they can be anything you want the to be, from fire breathing monsters to placid feather soft creatures (Falkor). Dragons will always be alive and fly in the books we read, movies we watch and in our dreams (adults and children alike) dragons are truly awesome.

  170. For me dragons are my childhood dream. I dreamed to hage my own dragon but why?.drahons are so amazing because they have giant wings with big claws thst can cut anything they want and they can fly so high and feel so free and there is no chain wround ur leg.Dragons are epic cause they can burn a town with one hot flameable breath.but most thing I love that dragons have many shapes and colors amd huge varity of amazing skills

  171. Dragons are so damn cool, because they blow shit up! Hands down the most powerful and majestic creature out there. They can be king or the sky, to king of the depths of the sea and anywhere in between. The rain hell on anything to oppose them while looking amazing doing it. That’s why we love dragons!

  172. Dragons are as mysterious as ourselves. There are good, there are misguided. Often we don’t realize that the dragons we speak of in Myth are just as real as the dragons within us. Magical, powerful, and with boundless potential. How we care for ourselves and treat ourselves is the very essence of feeding our dragons. What you feed your dragon is what your dragon will grow up to be.

    What makes dragons so cool? It’s the fact that we all have one within us, powerful, elegant , and waiting to be set free…

  173. I like dragons so much, you can make your own dreamworld with all kind of diverent dragons, colours you name it. I think it’s cool that you can create them because real life you don’t got them

  174. Because they simply are. What’s not to love? They’re intelligent, magical, strong, independent, beautiful, ferocious and can be kind and loving. They have something to offer everyone.

  175. What makes dragons so damn cool you ask?
    Perhaps its the theory of legend. The nothing time could tell. The mystery that sparks our curiosity of “ifs”… If its true… If they were real… If I owned one and trained it to my liking…
    Its captivated me! Even more so the types of dragons. Those from movies such as my first Disney movie ever seen; Pete’s Dragon, and Elliots love towards Pete.
    What about Neverending Story and the dragon with a more serpent body and hair in place of scales.
    Who can forget Shrek and the fire breathing killer Donkey wooed.
    The Hobbit.. a dragon that was unseen for a large portion of the movie… the mystery… the shadows…
    Hercules fought a 3 headed dragon!
    Living – riding – flying among dragons in How To Train Your Dragon..
    I just love all the imaginations people have!! Also cant forget my own.
    But I now have my own here at War Dragons.. and its quite entertaining leading them to battle to destroy some kingdoms for my own pleasure (insert evil laugh)
    Not always used for bad though! I do support a lot of my team mates and back them in wars or battles for resources. Well, i think thats good… I mean we are destroying a kingdom still…

  176. Dragons – Invincible, medical and powerful rulers of the world.
    Dragons – Wise, kind hearted but fierce and fair fighting for the right in the world. Dragons – Colorful, playful yet elegant riding the streams of air.
    Dragons – Sparkling, majestic but not pompous catching the eye of everyone’s
    Dragons – Strong, willful yet gentle going their way.
    Dragons – Loyal, loving and caring once bonded.
    Dragons – Unite all ideals of the world in one beautiful being.

  177. Dragons come in so many different shapes, sizes, colours.
    They spark the imagination of everyone young and old alike.
    And no dragon ever looks alike all are different in many ways.

  178. Dragons capture the essence of all that is great in the human spirit. Radience, resilience, strength, honor and compassion. They symbolize the virtues human kind should strive to attain.

  179. What makes a cool dragon? when I was little my parents gave me a book about dragons, at that time I had no knowledge of them, I thought they were simple flying dinosaurs, with time I discovered that they were of great MYSTERIOUS sentient creatures, some with enormous powers and the legends behind them no little notes, I indicated that “mysterious” because after years, after reading various books and played in various video games, if I may ask this question … what is it that makes a dragon cool, well I would say the mysteriousness of each of them and enormous wisdom and power they might have.

  180. Dragons are so cool because they are a way for us to escape our every day life with problems heart ache and attacks on our country when you enter into dragon land you become apart of something much more greater dragons have a heart that can’t be penetrated it’s also a heart that bonds its self to its master and the two become one they think the same they feel each other’s pain and encourages each other to keep fighting so when you enter into dragon land level your present world behind and become one with your dragon and save the dragon realm from anyone or anything that will try to take it over and don’t forget a dragon will only go with someone that has a pure HEART that’s why dragons are so freaking cool to me

  181. Dragons have been in history thourghout time. Found in many religions and countries. They come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and traits. The power of a dragon is just amazing.

  182. Dragons to me, are ore than just mythical beings. They live around us and are part of the “unseen” world. If you honour them and treat them with the respect that they are due, then they in turn will honour you. These beings are a great elemental force that helps hold the planet in place, but are both wise and playful with a wicked sense of humour. You do not have to see a dragon to believe in them, you just need to know they exist.

  183. Why are dragons so cool? Dragon are cool because they help capture the heart and imagination of many people, young and old. They have the power to harness different elements and with it choose a path of good and evil. There are also a lot of different species of dragons, the one most know is the eastern wyvern. Seeing how dragons have always been a part of history, the first dragons known were the Chinese lung. Yet when man explored more land they discovered and fanisized about more species. I, for one, have a great passion for dragons ever since I was about 6 years old. I have called myself Dragonlord from then on. I have always dreamed of taming such powerful beasts and being able to use that power to my advantage.

  184. Dragons are awesome because of how many things they’ve stood for in the past. Strength, power, fear, friendship, hope, courage and many other things! They’re beautiful and mystical creatures that are not only mentioned in legend but biblical text as well! (Job 40:1) They have guarded families and the zodiac for ages AND they’re just downright cool!

  185. Dragons are intelligent and soulful, powerful and benevolent. They are massive, yet beautiful, and I find them enchanting. They are loyal to their masters, and have powers that can be used to protect their families,and ravage their enemies. I wish I had one. ☺️

  186. Dragons are so damn cool to me because hello they are dragons. Can you imagine this world if we had dragons and dragon riders like in Eragon? I could see me riding through the sky on Saphira. The world would definitely be a more amazing place if we had dragons but since we don’t War Dragons will keep me amazed with dragons like Amarok and Skarr . As long as Galbatotix doesn’t show up

  187. What makes dragons so damn cool? It’s the dragons with full of imaginary, it’s the colours, the shapes and the powers that their have and it will take you to another advantures without you realized how many times you spend for those dragons because at the same time you feel free and more alive.

  188. Dragons can be your best friend. I grew up loving Dragons. I have a crystal ball that is part of a dragon and wizard statue that emits light and sparks when u touch it. I got it from my parents as a kid. It is one of my most prized possessions. This game reminds me of the love me and my parents shared that included my love for Dragons. I also love the escape that War Dragons gives me from reality. That it makes me feel like I am somebody important and that I can make a difference. Even though it is only a game, it is a whole lot more to me. I can be who I want to be with my Dragons…. Rawr….
    Dragons are Awesome, I wish I could have one as a pet. ( Me taking Riyuu out for a walk)

  189. Their ferocity and blind determination, even if it is for destruction, yet while still exuding a quiet calm and intelligence that seems to come from somwe here beyond. Symbols of power for centuries. Representing both our wildest imaginings and our deepest fears. Plus come on who didn’t want a flying friend that can breathe fire.

  190. They just are. They love gooold and are the go to mythical creature for any tale. Smogg being my favorite, Draco in Dragonheart.
    Dragons have been said to have many powers the fire, healing blood, and of course, the heart of the dragons has been shown many times saving humans. They inspire imagination which is something that lacks in today’s culture, if dragons were out right and tamed the world would be a safer place :p Depictions and tales of dragons have been around for centuries and they’ve always fascinated the human mind and always will.

  191. Dragons are cool for so many reasons but the one that stands out the most for me is the magic. Not the general term of magic that is defined in websters, but the magic in our minds and dreams. The magic of visiting a land just created in the imaginations of the people involved, the magic of winged creatures that tear us from our mundane human lives for just a minute. To believe in something powerful, beautiful and mystical. It’s the escape and belief in something so wonderful that it takes the very breath from your chest. To imagine the whoosh of the wind beneath you as you ride your dragon, watching the bat like wings stretching to catch the next updraft as you soar through the mountains……. *sigh*

  192. The reason I like dragons is because ever since I was a child I was mesmerized by the thought of huge fire breathing monsters in the sky either they were the enemy in a heros tale to save a princess or the hero where it saves people they’re a staple in my childhood and have changed my life and for better or worse they have made me who I am

  193. Dragon are so good because they instill a sense of awe and power, intelligence, wisdom, and danger. They are the stuff of legends. I remember my first dragon book and how I wanted to be a dragon rider. People who really love dragon have a special kindred to these creatures in their heart.

  194. Dragons are so cool because they are such unique mythical creatures! They come in all shapes, colors and sizes, and some can even communicate with humans. Dragons have inspired many works today, some dating as old as “King Arthur,” and “St. George and The Dragon,” to more modern items today such as the child-friendly dragons of “Dragon Tales” to Smaug from “The Hobbit.” Not only that, they inspire other minds to make their own which in turn inspire others like a huge “circle of life!” I believe dragons help us create the impossible, and give us the inspiration to do so.

  195. Dragon are mythical creatures that even though they have look of fear, there is an attraction to their beauty. They are fierce and strong yet they are protectors and loyal…..Hail to the all mighty Dragon!!!

  196. Dragons are the best because they unite people from all cultural backrounds and ages… Doesnt matter where you come from or what age you are, we have all dream with dragons, we have all heard their storys, Being the enemy, our friends, fighitng with us or training them and finally and most important we all love to play with dragons. And thats why they are so cool and why I also love this game .

  197. Dragons are awesome due to their very nature, they adapt to their environment, evolve to their changing situations, are loyal when treated fairly but don’t hesitate to devour or incinerate those that mistreat or turn on them.
    Their mythical existence simply compounds our fascination with these wonderful beast and bring out traits of chivalry, honesty and loyalty.

  198. Dragons are so awesome because they are so mystical, tough, courageous, loyal, and strong. The ability to build bonds makes for excellent warriors

  199. Dragons are the perfect example of fantasy meeting reality. They make even the most stark nonbelievers of fantasy pause to imagine the possibility of their existence in the past and arguably even the present with so much of our world yet still undiscovered under our vast oceans. They are what fairy tales were built upon, with power and magic and auras that are both frightening and can’t help but draw you in at the same time. I can’t help but believe that they are still out there in some forms, staying safe from mankinds destructive ways… That’s what’s best about dragons, they make you believe…

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