Jody Medland

Talent Agent for Adults

JODY MEDLAND has been involved in the entertainment industry for nearly 20-years. After working his way up as a production assistant on hundreds of online and television ads, he operated as an actor, producer, director, casting agent and – most frequently – a writer, before setting up Pen Works Media in 2011.

For the next 4-years Jody used the company as a vehicle to teach creative writing at schools and academies all over the UK, publishing over a hundred short stories from first-time authors. Then, in 2015, he encouraged writers to submit original manuscripts and entered the world of physical publishing, all the while educating and nurturing the new writers he met.

Despite being committed to literature, Jody continued to pursue work in other creative outlets and won the Gold Medal at the prestigious Race for Apps competition in 2012 with his innovative live-action game, Track the Ripper. He also earned his first IMDB credit as a screenwriter in 2013 for feature film, The Adored.

Being that Jody enjoys working across several different mediums and has a passion for collaboration, it was inevitable that he would eventually step into talent management, and in 2017 he announced a vast array of creatives that he is proud to represents as their agent.

If you’re an artist seeking representation, please read our submissions guidelines before contacting Jody on the details below:

Jody Medland | Talent Agent
Number: 0773 136 1264