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The Moors

written by Jody Medland

The Moors was the first paperback released by Pen Works Media, hitting the shelves in 2016.

It was written by our founder, Jody Medland, and is an intriguing mystery / suspense / thriller set in Exmoor in the 1970’s.

Order your copy of The Moors today, and we’ll send you a signed copy right away!

The Moors - Book Cover
The Moors is available to order on paperback from all good book stores, or you can download it now on Kindle!

There is a limited special edition available, which you can buy through our online shop.

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All retailers can find purchase details via Nielsen or Gardners.

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  1. Jody, thank you so much for giving me an advanced copy. It was an absolutely incredible read. The story built so many scenarios in my mind and just as I thought I understood it, something completely unforeseen would happen. It is dark, unpredictable and utterly enthralling! I’m going to recommend it to my friends, for sure!

  2. Hey! I might be a little biased but you know how much I loved this book. If I was to describe it to someone else I’d say that The Moors is chilling, gripping and deeply impressive! It’s a truly great book, so well done!

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