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Valentine’s Day – Love Books Competition

What better time to talk about our love of books?



Valentine’s Day is synonymous with falling in love, and who doesn’t remember the first time they fell head-over-heels in love with their first book?

As with the best love stories, most of us never see it coming. One minute, the dull rectangular objects filled with laborious words are viewed as ornaments to decorate the shelves of pseudo intellects and libraries. The next, our mind is blown as we try desprately to make up for lost time by consuming books as often as we can.

So what was the first book that did it for you? Who was the author, and how do you feel about the evolution of their work since? We’d love to know!



Company Director Jody Medland describes the moment his life changed forever:

“I honestly couldn’t tell you how the book came into my possession, or why I started reading it, because I absolutely loathed books at the time. But quite by chance – or maybe even fate – I started reading The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks. It’s so dark and sinister, and I just couldn’t stop turning the pages. I needed to know what happened next, and I’d never felt like that before. The experience not only made me want to keep reading, but it made me want to be a writer.”

For Jody, this was clearly true love. And because we want to hear your stories, we’re running a Valentine’s Day giveaway!



It couldn’t be easier to enter. Simply answer one of the following questions in the comments box at the very bottom of the page, then wait until the 15th February, when we’ll choose a winner!

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Question 1 for Love Books Giveaway

Option #2

Question 2 for Love Books Giveaway this Valentine's Day

The winning entry will be able to select any of the books from the Pen Works Media Shop, which will be delivered first class in our LOVE-ly Valentine’s gift wrap.

Just to prove we love you all equally, all of our books are 15% off until 15th February, so get your orders in today!

Good luck x


  1. Weekly library visits opened a window to my imagination and independence. On one such drop in, I checked out “Marjorie Morningstar”, To a twelve year old girl, this read proved quite a sensory experience, and I considered myself brave, reading about physical desire/lust sitting in the living room alongside my mother. My mind had free rein; I could pause its mental images and ponder a scene, sometimes to exhaustion, then resume the story. The duration of the book, I became Marjorie, a dreamy-eyed Jewish girl from New York. I fell victim to Noel’s charm and struggled as he mocked her “jewishness” and values. As circumstances and times changed, I, like Marjorie “grew up”. Wally’s PS at the conclusion, more than dampened, the romantic image created. I recall my surprise that this book was written by Herman Wouk, a man. The emotions were oh, so “female” – I felt somewhat deceived a man could get into my head like this. I attribute this coming of age tale as pivotal in my love affair with books.

    • This is an excellent description of your first emotional attachment to a book, Marayanne. And yes, isn’t it odd how sometimes knowing the sex of the author can dampen the experience of the book? This is often why pseudonym names are chosen, depending on the genre. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. My first book I can remember Falling in love with was the Borrowers by Mary Norton. I loved the idea of little people gather our bits and making them into household objects. I’d sit and make little things for them and leave them out at night. Sure enough they ‘borrowed’ the items to my total delight.
    Being a mum now, it’s amazing to go through similar experiences with my daughter and the amazing worlds a book can take you too.

    • Another absolute gem of a read! And it really is extra special when the magic of the book spills over into real life. That’s what every great book has the ability to do, and I’m sure your daughter will be every bit as avid a reader as you are, Bex. Thanks for giving us an insight into the moment you fell in love with literature 😀

  3. I love Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak. It’s such an emotional, gripping love story set in a turbulent time of Russian history. It covers everything from excess, romance, loss, hope and history. You feel the emotion and get caught up in Yuri and Lara’s great love affair.

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